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Verve will be at SPAR in Port Harcourt Mall to Reward 10 More Lucky Cardholders in Celebration its 10th Anniversary

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Saturday, started just like any other Saturday, but with a little twist to it. Regular Saturdays start off sunny, and warm. One would immediately think of laundry, morning soccer, a long run, and oh, let’s not forget, grocery shopping at the nearest supermarket to where you live.

This Saturday was particularly different.

Sitting in the corner of the room, you cannot ignore the scratchy sound of dry leaves grazing the ground as they higgledy-piggledy danced their way through the tone of the wind. Then came the sound of rain droplets that sounded like the same song was being played on the speaker again and again. The air was low in spirit, spreading chilled vibes all around. I had all the excuses in the world to stay at home and have a lazy day.

A lazy day for me would involve watching the whole season of my favorite TV show and a lot of food to binge on. This Saturday, it was going to be the popular ‘La casa de Papel’ – Money Heist. I quickly realized however that I had forgotten to tidy up the “food to binge on” part during the previous night as I would normally do.

At this moment it occurred to me that maybe the weather isn’t that bad, Spar SuperMarket is just five minutes away. Right?

I quickly found my way to the Spar outlet close to me. As soon as I arrived, I was greeted by the harmonic sound of trumpets, drums, and screams of joy coming from the SuperMarket. It was as though I was outside a circus hall. What could this be?

I hurried into the ‘circus hall’ and a live band, accompanied by gorgeous cheerleaders caught my eyes as they sang and danced their way to embrace a customer at the pay point. What is going on here?

The euphoria in the air distracted me from the primary reason why I went to the supermarket in the first place. Curious as a cat, I lurked around, trying to figure out how to be part of this celebration, or better still be at the center of it (wink wink). Then I noticed that the band & cheerleaders’ customers were branded with a unique Verve Card logo, so I figured; Verve is activating an in-store promotion. “Who doesn’t like awoof”, I thought to myself, so I decided to test my luck; I hurried to the personal care aisle, grabbed a pack of toothpaste (that I didn’t really need by the way) and approached the pay point majestically, expecting to be greeted by the same carnival-like celebration I observed earlier.

Why is nobody dancing and singing towards me? I asked myself with a smirk on my face.

I went on to pay for the toothpaste, still, nobody danced or sang towards me, not even “peem” from the trumpet (Sigh).

I then approached one of the cheerleaders for an explanation, “Why didn’t you people sing, cheer, or dance for me as you did for the other shopper”? She explained that Verve, in celebration of its 10th year anniversary, was rewarding 10 lucky customers in 10 supermarkets across 10 Saturdays, with N10,000 each. Wawu! Such a thrill that a Card payment brand would go out of its way this much to reward its customers! Where have I been all this while?! I blamed myself.

On the bright side, there are still more Saturdays and supermarkets to go. Next Saturday, November 2nd, 2019, Verve will be live at Spar, Port Harcourt Mall, rewarding 10 more lucky Verve cardholders.

And I just might be one of the lucky ones.

Happy 10th-anniversary, Verve!


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