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#JusticeforMoradeun: Lady Stabbed by Robbers Dies after Hospital’s Alleged Refusal to Treat her without Police Report



It is so heartbreaking. A lady identified as Moradeun, who was reportedly robbed and stabbed on Monday night, has died after she was allegedly denied treatment by a Lagos hospital.

Friends on social media share that Moradeun was on her way home from work when she was robbed then stabbed.

Moradeun’s sister, Twitter user @bankemusic, share the story on her timeline. She wrote:

@segalink please help me I beg you my heart can’t take it please!!! My sister was on her way back home from Work to her house in Gbagada around 7pm.

She was robbed and was also stabbed. People were watching . Sir I don’t know please what would you have done.

Then bystanders later rushed her to R.Jolad hospital in Gbagada but the doctors said they can not treat her expect she has a police report ahhh sir someone was stabbed in the neck. Police report that what sir.

MY SISTER IS DEAD. Someone please pinch me. Who will help me like this!!!!

There’s since been an outpouring of love from friends of Moradeun, all of them sharing stories about the impact she’s had in their lives, and lamenting the practice of demanding police reports before treatment.

The hospital, R-Jolad, has however denied reports that they demanded a police report from the people who brought Moradeun in. She was assessed, they said, and found to be in need of a vascular surgeon. Because they did not have one, she was referred to the Gbagada General Hospital, they shared in a statement.

See the hospital’s statement below:

Photo Credit: @olabankeB

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  1. workingstudent

    December 4, 2019 at 10:06 am

    This is an unfortunate case. Stabbing in the neck is very critical and I understand the hospital may not have the expertise or facility to provide surgical management. Now what I would like to know is;
    a. Did the patient arrive to the hospital alive
    b. I would imagine if she did, she was not stable- so what initial assessment and management was attempted to stabilize her before sending her to the other hospital
    c. Was she sent to the other hospital with a medical professional in the car to continuously assess her and transfer the care to the doctors in the other hospital
    If she was sent alone with the Good Samaritans that brought her in then they have indeed failed us.


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