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BellaNaija’s Tomilola Got a Taste of the Perfect Weekend Staycation at Radisson Hotel, Ikeja! Read all About Her Experience



Hi BellaNaijarians, Tomilola here!

You know how you just crave a weekend getaway to someplace nice? Well, that was me for a pretty long time. I just wanted to experience a new place and be away from my house for a couple of days. So when I was asked during the week if I would love to have a weekend staycation at the Radisson Hotel, Ikeja, I couldn’t say no!

So on Friday, the 13th of December, I made my way to Ikeja GRA for the weekend. I had a game plan and it was to forget about work for a while (which isn’t totally possible ?)  and simply rest. I mean, a baby girl does deserve some pampering.

I got super excited right from the entrance at Getting to Radisson Hotel, Ikeja; everyone was so nice to me. Checking in was quite easy. Before going to my room, I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures at the reception.

The Reception


My room was beautiful, spacious and warm. I immediately felt like I was home but I was already expecting such ambience and luxury. Everything was in it, including free and fast WI-FI… It definitely met my expectation.

My room keycard

Home for the weekend

Well, after my quick inspection, it was chill time for me. Since there’s free WI-FI, the best option was to Netflix and chill. About an hour later, I went down to get dinner, and just treat myself to the amazing food and drinks in the menu. On my way, I realised that on every floor, they had Christmas trees set up. Trust me, a great way to get guests in the festive mood feel.

Downstairs, I made my way to the Collage Restaurant at @radissonhotellagosikeja. That’s where every meal is served and it was a buffet. You know how you walk into a place and can tell the personality of the place. That’s how I felt at the restaurant, right from the lights, to the artwork. Dining here was more than just the food, it was an experience.

The Collage Restaurant at Radisson Hotel Ikeja

I couldn’t pass on the beautiful art pieces?

I honestly couldn’t resist jollof rice and plantain. I tried to get a little bit healthy and get a salad and a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice. That works right! After that delicious meal, I honestly couldn’t wait to get back to my room and have a good night sleep in that king-size comfy bed.


The next morning my experience with breakfast was just as thrilling. To be honest, I was still so stuffed from the food the previous night but I couldn’t resist having breakfast or maybe I just wanted to see the ever-smiling staff at the restaurant. But I found my way to have the complimentary breakfast and I went for something small – so, some pancakes with eggs and a cup of freshly squeezed pineapple juice.

Pancakes and fried eggs for breakfast

After breakfast and freshening up, I took a tour of the Radisson Hotel Ikeja. My first stop was at the pool to take in all the beauty.


Then I went to the gym. The Radisson Hotel Gym is open 24 hours to all visitors. I caught a few visitors working out. As for me, it was a chilling weekend, so working out was off the table.

When I was done at the gym, I went over to the bar and spoke to the ever-smiling bartender Kingsley. From cocktails to mocktails and drinks, the mini-bar is set to give you a time of your life.

The bar at Radisson Hotel Ikeja


By this time, it was time to have lunch, so it was a quick tour of the Collage Restaurant plus lunchtime for me. I spoke to one of the chefs behind the delicious meals I have been having.

Everything about the food made me so happy

After getting fully stuffed with food, I headed back to my room to just chill and enjoy the rest of the evening. But there’s a way time just flies when you are having a good time. One minute I am in the room having a warm bath, and just like that, it was time for dinner. I am pretty sure by now, you agree that I am a foodie but it’s okay, I really don’t mind. When the food is good, I eat as much as I can.

At the restaurant, there was a live band and visitors were vibing and jamming to the music. The band went from Fela and the oldies to Wizkid and Skiibii; they went on and on. But it was absolutely a good way to enjoy my last night here.

When I got back to my room I had the best sleep that I’ve had in quite a while. I switched off my phones and just let myself enjoy the moment. The next morning my experience with breakfast was just as exciting. I settled for some potatoes with baked beans and a cup of coffee.

Sadly my time @radissonhotellagosikeja was over but I left fully relaxed and smiling. I had their best service provided by pleasant and professional staff with wide smiles and an eagerness to help to thank for that.

If you wish to know more about the Radisson Hotel in Nigeria, visit their website here and follow their Instagram page on @radissonhotellagosikeja. Trust me, you’ll have a great time when you visit.


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