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Alex Rodriguez wants his Bae Jennifer Lopez to Know She Doesn’t Need the Golden Globes to be a Champion



Alex Rodriguez has proved time and again that he is Jennifer Lopez‘s biggest supporter, and with his latest Instagram post, he is warming our already melted hearts.

After J-Lo lost at the just concluded Golden Globes award, the 44-year-old former sportsman took to social media to praise his fiancée for everything she has accomplished in life.

He wrote:

Jen, it doesn’t take a trophy, medal, or plaque to identify a true champion. To millions of young women who have watched you and have been inspired and empowered to do amazing things in their lives, you are a champion. For countless musicians, dancers, actresses, and performers who have seen and emulate your passion, drive and work ethic to find their own success, you are a champion.

To your children, your family, your coaches, your staff, and your extended family, you are a champion. To everyone whose lives you enrich daily, you are a champion. And don’t you ever forget it. ❤️❤️❤️

Touched by the post, Jennifer Lopez responded with the words, “You are my everything ♥️.”

Photo Credit: @arod

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