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Watch these Doctors Debunk all the Myths about the Coronavirus



TOKYO, JAPAN – FEBRUARY 28: Girls wearing face masks and Disney-themed headbands take a selfie photograph as they leave Tokyo Disneyland on the day it announced it will close until March 15th because of concerns over the Covid-19 virus, on February 28, 2020 in Tokyo, Japan. A growing number of events and sporting fixtures are being cancelled or postponed around Japan while some businesses are closing or asking their employees or work from home. Prime Minister Abe has also asked schools to close for around a month as Covid-19 cases continue to increase and concerns mount over the possibility that the outbreak will force the postponement or even cancellation of the Tokyo Olympics. (Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images)

You’ve no doubt by now heard so much about the coronavirus, especially now that it’s in Lagos, that you may consider yourself an expert on it.

The truth is a lot of the information out there are either untrue or only partly true.

To debunk all these misinformation, the good folks at Insider sat with two doctors, Syra Madad, a special pathogens expert, and Stephen Morse, an epidemiology professor.

From the truth about facemarks to how the coronavirus came to be, let them take you through what you should actually know about the virus.

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