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Social Distancing But Getting Bored? Here Are a Few Hobbies to Try Out

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The Coronavirus has turned out to be a deadly serious issue. With about 225,484 cases, 130,376 currently infected persons around the world and 9,277 deaths so far, the WHO has declared it a ‘global emergency’. Unfortunately, there is yet to be a vaccine that can cure infected persons.

This virus spreads very rapidly, especially through droplets from an already infected person. These droplets can land in the mouths or noses of people who are nearby or possibly be inhaled into the lungs. The rapid spread of this virus had led to the cancellation of many events, flights and social gatherings around the world.

So far in Nigeria, there have been a total of 8 cases and the government has swiftly taken measures to curb the spread. NYSC has been suspended, for now, NFF is also postponing all football activities until April. The Lagos state government has shut down religious activities of more than 50 people – to take effect from the 21st of March, and schools will be shut down from the 23rd of March. In the North-West region, schools have been closed.

Many companies have also made provisions for their workers to work from home. All this proves one thing – to stop the spread of coronavirus, everyone has to avoid the infected persons. But how can you do this when you cannot tell an infected person from an uninfected one? Anyone can sneeze or cough beside you and it’s not a big deal, right?

That is where social distancing comes to play.

Aside from washing your hands regularly, making use of sanitizers and generally being hygienic, social distancing is the best way to ensure that we all – to an extent – remain safe.

So yea, no more owanbes, no more mogbomoya, no more clubbing, or attending any gathering where too many people are present. The best thing is to stock up your house and sit in your home.

“But won’t life be boring?” “I’ll get bored!”

Truth is, humans are naturally social creatures; we want to mingle, party, have fun and attend social gatherings. So it can get boring when we have to isolate ourselves for a certain period of time. However, it’s not all gloom and sad news. You can have fun while staying at home and taking the necessary precautions to protect yourself against the virus.

Here are some hobbies to consider:

Board games

Ludo, Scrabble, Monopoly, Snake and Ladder, Chess and other board games can be learned this period. If you’ve never had the time or the patience to learn them, now is your chance. Although this cannot be played alone, you can play these games with your family members – who are not infected by the virus. You can also play these games on your phone. Send a request to your friends (and family) to join you online.


This is the perfect time to learn ‘everything arts’. From painting to photography to sculpting and so on, these hobbies are not just for the fun of it, you also acquire tangible skills in the process. YouTube is a great place to learn these skills. This means you will not be coming in contact with anyone who might infect you with the virus. Many people have become artists because they were bored and needed to learn something new. While this might not be your case, it wouldn’t hurt to learn something as little as basic drawing.


Yea, we know you can make akpu and semo, but this is the best time to learn how to make other meals that you don’t know how to make. Do you love snacks? Perfect! You can learn how to make shawarma, pizza, yogurt, burgers, ice-cream and all. Even if you want to go healthy (for our fit-fam people) there are many healthy snacks you can make. Again, Google and  YouTube will be your best friend this period.


Do you know you can plant little things like maize, vegetables, plantain, etc. in your compound? – if it is not cemented. More than ever before, we are going to be needing a lot of food if everyone is to remain at home. The temptation to eat 10 times a day is real, guys.  Even if it is not for food, gardening is a great way to keep yourself busy, fit and, at the same time, entertained.  Love flowers? Go ahead and plant them.

Learn a new language

Everyone wants to be multi-lingual, but languages are so hard to learn! Or maybe we’re just lazy?. Learning a language is an amazing way to acquire a well-sought-after skill and have fun at the same time.

Learn to play an instrument

Music is the food of the soul. You can ‘feed your soul’ by learning how to play the piano, guitar or any other instrument you may be interested in. If you can play an instrument already, perfect! Let’s get right into it.

Swim in a Private Pool

This should be done only if you have a pool. Please and please, don’t go swimming in a public pool, in the hotel or any other pool that is not yours – including your friend’s pool. Swimming is fun and, at the same time, a life-saving skill. You also don’t need to go out or be around people to be able to swim. But make sure it is your pool. Safety first!

What other hobbies can keep us engaged throughout this period? Oya o, drop your suggestions. Social distancing is about to be lit!

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