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The Ikorodu Ferry Terminal Is a Great Resource For Residents of Ikorodu Who Work on the Island

The WaXi boats are neater and their life-jackets are cleaner. The Helmsmen are also much more professional in the way they address you, compared to the smaller boats.



Hey Lagosians, how are you coping with the ban of tricycles and motorcycles in your area? Is it still tough for you, or are you beginning to adjust? If you have been adjusting well to it, kindly give us the full gist – how did you find a solution to the transportation wahala? What did you do? What price are you paying for it?

If you have not found a solution, we absolutely understand. Hopefully, it will get better with time. If you are living in places that have ferry terminals close to them, it is time to start considering commuting via water.

Now, before you yell or say ‘God forbid’, water transportation comes with its own many advantages: it’s faster – which automatically saves your time; it also saves your energy; it’s safer – you’re at no risk of noise pollution or inhaling fumes from the jagajaga cars that clutter Lagos roads.

If you live in Ikorodu and work on the Island – or vice-versa, this just got better! We’ll take you through how to commute from the Ikorodu Ferry Terminal to the Island – Lekki, SandFill, Falomo, CMS and so on.

Welcome to the Terminal

Source: InsideMainland

The terminal is situated at Ebute, in Ikorodu. Immediately you get into the terminal, head to the ticketing area to get a ticket to your destination. Now, there are different boats that go to the Island – Lekki, SandFill, and Falomo. There are smaller boats and the bigger yellow boats known as WaXi.

The good thing about the Ikorodu Terminal is the swiftness and effectiveness with which the ‘ticketers’ operate. They are highly professional, fast and friendly. So no matter how long the queue is, you wouldn’t need to wait for long before getting your ticket.

After getting your ticket, you join the next queue to write down your name and the phone number of your next of kin (just in case ?). Then you go get your life jacket. Can you peep the instruction? Wearing your life jacket is compulsory. You are allowed to bring your personal life jacket. If you don’t have a personal jacket, you MUST use the one handed over to you before boarding the boat.

Ensure your life jacket is properly worn and clipped before you board the boat.

The smaller boats look like this:

The Interior:

The interior of the smaller boats differs. Sometimes, you may need to pray to board the one that has comfortable seats in it.

For the smaller boats, the first stop is in Lekki. Unfortunately, there’s no terminal there. The boat stops in a filthy and dirty area that has a ‘black gate’ and to pass through the gate, some men collect 50 Naira from each passenger for no reason at all. Else, they shut the gate and no one will be allowed to pass through. Hopefully, the government will look into this.

The next stop is SandFill. There’s a terminal there, but it is not as clean and organized as the one in Ikorodu. From the terminal, you will get a boat to Ebute, Offin, Ibeshe, Baiyeku – all in Ikorodu.

The final stop is Falomo, for those heading to Ikoyi.

The engine of the boat is situated behind the boat – in that region where ‘YAMAHA’ is printed.


The bigger boat is WaXi.

It is more comfortable than the smaller boats and you get to experience a smooth and quiet ride. Now, the smaller boats move so fast but it is like a ride through a constantly bumpy road. As you move, you will be hearing gbim gbim, gbas, gbos, puarrr. Okay, this might be an exaggeration. But if you are looking for comfort, the smaller boat is definitely not for you. You might develop body pains if you’re not strong enough.

The reverse is the case with WaXi. It’s mostly a smooth ride, but slower than the smaller boats. If you are not in a hurry, then WaXi is for you. The other disadvantage is that WaXi has a particular time they move – in the morning and in the evening, unlike the smaller boats that work at any time – until 7 pm.

WaXi boats are also more expensive than the smaller boats – by 200 Naira only. So if you have an extra 200 Naira, you should consider boarding WaXi.

The WaXi boats are neater and their life-jackets are cleaner. The Helmsmen are also much more professional in the way they address you, compared to the smaller boats.

Peep the Interior:

WaXi moves from Ikorodu to Lekki and VI. At Lekki, their terminal is at a place called ‘The Silver Gate’. If you are in Lekki Phase 1, you can take a bus to the Silver Gate and board the WaXi boat to Ikorodu. At VI, the terminal is at SandFill – the same with the smaller boats.

Finally, shoutout to the Lagos State Government who promised Lagosians better water transportation after the ban of keke and okada. We now have about two big boats and two smaller ones ?.

The Lag Ferry


Here you have it. You should know that water transportation is not restricted to Ikorodu to Lekki and VI alone. There are boats that move from Ikorodu to CMS(Marina), Mile2, Apapa – there at the Ikorodu terminal. Once you get to the ticketing area, just be specific about where you are going so you can be directed appropriately.

Remember, wearing your life jacket is non-negotiable. Stay safe.


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