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Aisha Dangote-Indimi Graces the Cover of George Okoro Lifestyle Magazine’s Latest Issue



Aisha S. Dangote-Indimi graces the latest issue of George Okoro Lifestyle magazine. The powerhouse and founder of Ayce Luxury Gelato, speaks about her career, her businesses, her story and her life as a wife, humanitarian, artist and an entrepreneur.

Read excerpts from the interview

On kick-starting her dream and following her passion

I am the founder of Ayce Luxury Gelato. It has been my passion to cook and make desserts from a young age, so the idea of opening a space for it has been on my mind for as long as I can remember.  The first time I felt ready to begin implementing this dream was in 2015. However, I had to put it on hold to focus on raising my kid and spending quality time with my family.

To be honest, the most challenging thing for me was to fight the procrastination and anxiety of starting something new. It was tough, but I knew I had to face my fears and be self-disciplined. What helped me a lot was being consistent and I focused on my passion set a goal and challenged myself to go for it in 2019.

On giving back to the community

Apart from my day to day schedule, growing up in an entrepreneurial family where giving back to the community is central and most especially observed as part of a daily routine at my grandmother’s house, I became passionate and encouraged to give back too.

Consequently, I started an Initiative called Save a Nation Project which focuses on several educational and feeding programmes amongst other things across Nigeria. I believe we can all contribute in one way or the other. I believe you don’t have to be rich to help, no matter how small it is, kindness is an act of charity and can touch people’s lives. So, I urge people to please give support and helping hands to those in dire need, especially in this Covid-19 lockdown.

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Also inside the magazine, Huda Fadoul-Abacha, Nigeria’s top bridal designer of Hudayya Fashion House gives insight into how the pandemic has affected the fashion industry.

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