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Denola Grey is on the Cover of MC! Magazine’s Debut Edition

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Fashion and Film Industry sweetheart, Denola Grey is the cover for the debut edition of MC! Magazine which reminds us of why the super stylish star is everyone’s favourite.

Sitting pretty, literarily, on the cover of the new men’s lifestyle magazine, Grey embodies the MC! Man – self-aware, stylish, cultured, sound and completely embracing his journey.

In his interview with the magazine, he discusses his career, bonding with loved ones, self-discovery over the years, skincare, the intricacies of content creation and influence, and how he manages to give his fans the constantly buzzing “Grey Effect”.

Read excerpts from the interview:

On who Denola Grey really is

The thing is, I am a pretty boring person in truth. I’m more of a homely person. I love my privacy very much.

His style

Style to me is about control. It is a personal thing. In my world, I believe it’s something I do for myself and by myself. Simply put, my style is glam-themed. It is realistic and it is conscious.

On what makes his style stand out

 It is a matter of personality and individuality. My confidence. It’s a thumbprint on me. I am also not big on trends. I wear what I feel like.

On being audacious, daring and expressive

No. I wasn’t always that way. Life made me grow out of my shell. I am a shy person. I’m an introverted extrovert if I can put it that way.

Favourite fashion pieces

My favourite fashion pieces would be gold jewellery, loose shirts, silks and well-tailored trousers. I like them a lot.

On the Nigerian fashion industry moving meeting up with international standards

Honestly, I’d say not yet. It is slowly getting there but surely with the right capacity and infrastructure, brands can improve. There isn’t any reason, with the right structure of course, for it not to meet with international standards.

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