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HP is supporting Nigerian Parents with the HP Play & Learn Online Resource



At the Parenting Webinar hosted by LagosMums which held on Thursday, May 21st, 2020, Ifeyinwa Afe, MD of HP for Central Africa and Yetty Williams, founder of LagosMums discussed novel ways parents can engage their children with technology. Parents were encouraged to 

  • Research within their network and identify what other parents are doing that they could imbibe in engaging their children. 
  • Involve the children in non-academic and practical ways of learning such as cooking, cleaning, gardening, remodeling and even spending time with nature. 
  • Teach children offline games that were played during the parents’ childhood times like card games, board games, hand-clapping games, etc.

Ifeyinwa Afe also mentioned her twin children have different skills set; while her son is a math lover, her daughter loves art and she involves them using the HP Smart App which has the ‘Play and Learn’ platform for science projects, stories, interactive games, coding, edutainment, etc. 

The HP Home Printing Solutions Category Manager for Central Africa, Allison Alassan, said the ‘HP Print, Play & Learn’ in collaboration with education leaders, Time for Kids, Canva, KiwiCo, and, is a platform that provides free online resource tools that are not cumbersome and avoid information overload. It has activities that cut across academic learning, sports, and arts which help families enjoy learning and working from home. 

He also introduced the Neverstop Laser Printers and the Smart Tank Printers that can help parents and children get more out of the “Play and Learn” platform, using the revolutionary HP Smart App which is available on both the iOS and Google Play stores. Individuals who love to read prints can use the Neverstop Laser printer that allows for everyday printing at low cost and parents can take advantage of the bulk printing with minimum operating time by purchasing the HP smart tank printer which prints out smoothly with fast speed.

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Adeyinka Fakunmoju, Central Africa Consumer Computing Category Manager for HP, introduced the HP Pavilion 14 x360 that enhances the child-parent relationship. Some features of the PC mentioned were the sleekness and lightness of the device as well as a pen that allows individuals write and increase on-the-go creativity. 

He also introduced the Pavilion All-in-One, which has a homely design and finish that makes it a great device for the home, for individuals who want their computing work done in one device. An important feature mentioned by Adeyinka during the webinar is the device’s pop-up camera that serves as a security feature, as well as other features that help make family online calls, gaming competitions, etc.

Overall, participants were appreciative of the session, with remarks on the eye-opening solutions for engaging their children using affordable and remarkable technology. The webinar left them convinced that their children can really Print, Play, and Learn with this free resource. 

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