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Is it Okay to Aspire to Marriage in Your 20s? WATCH a New Episode of Toke Makinwa’s “Toke Moments”



Toke Makinwa is back with another episode of Toke Moments and this time she speaking on a topic which has been trending for a while.

In this episode, she discusses the pressure to aspire to marriage in your twenties, while there is no set age to this things and not one size fits all, she personally believes that your 20s should be spent trying to find you.

She says, “Your 20’s should be spent finding you, find you before you think of finding a life partner. When I think of my 20’s and all the unnecessary pressure I put on myself, those unrealistic standards I thought was the norm, completely crazy. Now while I believe that not one size fits all, I also believe age has nothing to do with maturity but I leave room for experience, there are certain things you can only learn with growing older, wiser and that is where Age comes in”.

Watch the video below:

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