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Tuesday’s #BBNaija “Pepper Dem” Reunion Show was All About Forgiveness

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It’s actually very hard to put into words exactly how interesting last night’s BBNaija Pepper Dem Reunion show was.

Ebuka Obi-Uchendu chatted with the housemates on ‘Gossip’, and the housemates present according to Ebuka were those who gossiped – Mercy, Diane, Jackye, Ike, Seyi, Cindy, Tacha, Thelma, and Enkay.

Our favourite part of it, was probably because it ended with forgiveness, everyone was calm and civil, speaking only when it was their turn, not talking over the other — Seyi and Thelma made up.
But before that, did they let it all out or what? Well, let’s catch you up.

Let’s start with the basics: Ebuka made it clear that the aim of last night’s show was to talk about gossips and to air bottled up grievances, just like the case of Seyi and Thelma.

Did everyone gossip in the house?

Ebuka asked the housemates if everyone was guilty of gossiping, Enkay said: “Everybody gossips”. Let’s not forget Tacha’s definition of gossip, “Gossip is when you spread uncertainties about someone”. She’s been giving us some definitions that can compete with Longman’s Dictionary this reunion.

Diane then added that “There is a difference between conversation and gossip”.

Ebuka the table-shaker, asked Jackye if she ever gossiped, she said; “I don’t gossip. The person I was having a conversation lured me into it”, then a clip of Jackye telling Khafi “close the door let’s gossip” goes live!.

With no other cover-up, Jackye admitted to being a gossip even if it was “just to make everybody feel better”.

Mercy, Ike and Tacha

It seems Mercy is uncomfortable with the friendship between Ike and Tacha. She sees it as a sign of disrespect from Ike. She said, “Ike & Tacha were disrespectful to me via social media. If you love someone you should be firm”.

In Ike’s defence, he & Tacha don’t disrespect her, they don’t even discuss any of the housemates. He added that Mercy couldn’t mention a single instance in which he disrespected her, and it’s all speculations by her fans which on his part is disrespectful to him.

After listening to what Ike had to say, Mercy said, “I don’t have a problem, with Ike snd Tacha’s friendship, but I have a problem with it being disrespectful to me”. Ebuka asked Tacha, “You are not friendly with Mercy, but you are friendly with her boyfriend; Do you think you’re being disrespectful”, Tacha politely turned down commenting on the topic.

Seyi and Thelma

Thelma had something to get off her chest. Recall how Seyi passed a comment about Thelma’s success and her later brother? Yeah, Thelma still hasn’t forgotten but she has definitely forgiven Seyi.

In between Thelma’s moment of truth, Mercy interjected to defend Seyi’s behaviour by claiming he was under the influence of some alcohol.

Mercy, who wasn’t trying to defend Seyi, cut in that, Seyi was intoxicated with alcohol, and he wasn’t aware of what he said, and the gravity. Actually, Thelma forgave Seyi a long time ago. According to her, she was the first person to hug him when he stepped outside the house, and if she hadn’t forgiven him, she wouldn’t have sat down beside him during the reunion show.

After a long speech about taking responsibility and pointing out a time he ‘technically’ apologized to Thelma on several media rounds, Seyi asked for forgiveness.

Thelma broke down in few tears while sharing how her brother was murdered a night to his wedding and how sensitive the matter is to her and her family. Then, Thelma and Seyi made up, and he reversed the curse.

Thelma also took to her Instagram page to address last night’s show. She wrote:

The death of my late brother was and will still be a fresh wound that barely heals because he was MURDERED!! ??
I forgave Seyi even before he apologized, but it pleased me that the issue was raised for him to apologize on air so my MUM will see that he really apologized. There is more to life than weighing our hearts down with grudges. Let’s learn to forgive and move on! ❤❤

Her fellow housemates took to her comment section, sending her love and light:

The night ended with Mercy and Omashola shouting match. We can’t wait to find out on tonight’s episode.

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