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Monday’s #BBNaija “Pepper Dem” Reunion Show was for the Ladies | Here’s What You Missed

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If you’ve been following the #BBNaija ‘Pepper Dem’ Reunion show, you know then that it’s been full of drama, drama, drama.

Still on the road of forgiveness, and letting what happened in the “house stay in the house”, last night’s episode was about the #BBNaija ladies.

Ebuka Obi-Uchendu chatted with the ladies on the subject around women lifting women and the housemates present were– Tacha, Mercy, Jackye, Thelma, Venita, Avala, Kim Oprah, and Ella. They addressed some of their moments of distrust, side talks, while some just allowed bygones to be bygones.

If you didn’t watch it, we can only say sorry. And catch you up on all you missed, because, you know, BellaNaija’s got your back.

The first discussion was about Avala and Ella

Ella said she was constantly misunderstood in the house, while Avala shared how Ella was always complaining of her music career rather than making the extra effort which was annoying on her part, which ended up going viral, you know how the street of social media is. To cut the long story short, Ella blocked Avala because she didn’t like the comments on social media…. and a blocking happened.

Jackye & Tacha

Everyone who saw last night’s show agrees: Tacha has moved past everything that happened in the house. You could see it every time she replied, she did it quite well.

Even people on social media noticed, making comments about her demeanour.

Thelma and Tacha – Fish fight saga

We know right! Not the fight talk again… Like can we move past it already? Everyone still remembers the first argument in the house which was about ‘FISH’, but the cool thing is, the next day, Thema and Tacha were talking again like nothing even happened.

All fine and good!

Kim Oprah vs Ella – ‘Body odour drama’

Then the one we never saw coming was Ella and Kim Oprah. Apparently they’d a go at each other over their private turned public side talk about Tacha’s hygiene.

How Tacha took to the high road again on this matter, applaudable.

Check out their looks for the night!






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