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“I had to arrange a funeral…It was horrible” – Toolz’s Brave Story of Child Loss & her Journey to Recovery



A new season of Life Lessons with Betty Irabor is back, and on the latest episode, Tolulope ‘Toolz’ Oniru-Demuren shares details about her pregnancy journey.

Toolz had announced that she was pregnant in May 2017 and then after a few months her fans noticed that she no longer had a baby bump.

In May 2018 issue of Genevieve magazine, she bravely opened up about how she lost her baby, and now the popular OAP is again sharing her experience of losing a child, the disbelief and agony she endured as well as her journey to recovery.

Here’s what we learned from the interview:

  • She got pregnant a few months after her wedding. Approaching 6 months, she noticed she had never felt any movement.

  • The hospital in Nigeria missed a few things and didn’t pick up on the problem in time. She eventually travelled to the UK and a scan showed that her baby was too small and may not survive. “I never once thought that the health of my child would be an issue,” she said. The doctors kept conducting more scans and tried what they could but a final scan showed the baby was no longer moving and she was told she’ll have to push the baby out.

  • Medications were given to help push the baby out. The medications were given to her on Thursday and she was told to come back on Sunday. However, she went into labour on Saturday.

  • Recalling how labour experience, she said she was preparing breakfast on when she felt pain and went to the bathroom. She said: “From there, the pain went from two to twelve. And I remember screaming… I was in so much pain and that’s when I realized that gosh, I’m in labour. “I was in labour for about 6 or 7 hours”.

  • On losing the child, she said, “I think one of the worst moments after that… of course this was in the UK, they had to do like an autopsy, I had to arrange a funeral. It was horrible… That whole time, I was just like, ‘Yeah, God, I’m done’. I’m like ‘come and take me, I’m gone’.”

Life Lessons was directed by Ruyi Irabor and produced by Toyosi Etim-Effiong.

Watch the new episode below:

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