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4 Sweet Birthday Snaps of Eniko & Kevin Hart You’ll Love to See

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Kevin Hart celebrated his 41st birthday in style by going all out on a yacht with Eniko and a few friends on Monday.

He posted pictures posing with his pregnant wife, “So blessed & so thankful to see the age 41….I’m lucky to be alive. There will never be another day that just goes by in my life that’s not treated with the highest level of respect and appreciation…God is great!!!! Thank you…Happy B-Day to me damn it!!!!!”.

Meanwhile, in Kevin’s sweet snapshots, Eniko showed off her burgeoning baby bump in a beige tank top dress as she clung onto her man.

Giving a shout out to the love of her life, Eniko took ‘a trip down memory lane’ on her Instagram.

She captioned the photos:


i took a trip down memory lane this morning and gathered jus a few photos from over the years of us celebrating you! Woo! We def got some time in! LOL! You’ve gotten better, older, & wiser over the years. I loved u then and love more of the man that you’ve become. We’ve shared so many memorable moments together..looking forward to celebrating another 10+ years/lifetime LIVING, LAUGHING, & LOVING with you on your birthday!?

Check on it!

The kids:

Photo Credit: kevinhart4real | enikohart

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