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Africa’s Foremost Storyteller! Mo Abudu covers Guardian Life Magazine

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The award-winning media mogul, Mo Abudu is the cover star for Guardian Life Magazine’s latest issue.

Mo Abudu talks about quitting a well-paying job, rising to become a leading African media mogul, the G factor, and more on this issue tagged, “Mo Abudu: Africa’s Foremost Storyteller”.

She says:

I knew that we had a responsibility for telling those stories and sharing our stories. With a talk show, I was able to cover a plethora of topics and engage with a variety of stakeholders across the continent.

On quitting a prestigious high paying job to pursue her dream

Scary thought at the time, but I knew instinctively that I wanted to do more. On reflection now, I understand why some friends and family were worried about my decision. I had a great job, [was] paid well, the sky was the limit and I walked away from it all.

On launching EbonyLife TV

I just wanted to do a good job, excel at it… We have been fortunate for many reasons: setting out a clear vision, building a great team, producing quality content, investing in IP and story development, attending global industry events, continually pitching ideas globally, never taking no for an answer and of course loads of prayers and fasting along the way.

It has been an incredible journey producing films that resonate with our audiences at home and abroad. Our box office success demonstrates that audiences enjoy relevant storytelling that reflects their everyday lives. I believe having the right cast mix, infusing high production value, working with the right teams, marketing, and personally for me, prayer and fasting have all contributed to our success.

On changing the narrative about Africa and telling stories that resonate with every African

I have said it time and time again the continent (Africa) has remained creatively silent for centuries, our stories are never told. Meanwhile, there is too much of the same in global storytelling. The world wants more, and because we are now able to provide a variety of stories told against a backdrop never seen before, we now have a seat at the table. Our stories are being accepted because they are authentic and relevant. Of course, most recent is the clarion call for Black Lives Matter and Black Stories Matter.

The action-packed series, inspired by true events that took place in the West African Kingdom of Dahomey, will show the ultimate strength of women coming together, fighting to protect and honor their people. We are thrilled with this unique opportunity and look forward to bringing this story to audiences around the world.

We are so excited about our partnership with Netflix, totally unprecedented, this is the first multiple deal to be done with an African and Nigerian production company. It’s historical and groundbreaking.

For Nollywood, it’s the first-of-its-kind partnership that will bring some of Nigeria’s most iconic storytelling to a global audience. This partnership will help grow the Nigerian creative industry and get our stories out there.

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