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Send and Receive Money with Ease across Africa and Beyond with AccessAfrica by Access Bank

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AccessAfrica is an initiative of Access Bank designed to simplify payments by Person to Person (P2P), Business to Business (B2B), Person to Business (P2B), Government to Person (G2P) and any other payment activities/flows across the world. It will enable seamless transactions like school fees payment, merchant payments, e-commerce payments, trade payments, diaspora workers payments, and more.

AccessAfrica will allow customers initiate payments in the local currency of the initiating jurisdiction or US Dollars while the beneficiary receives a direct credit to his account or cash in the local currency or US Dollars (provided send currency is USD and beneficiary has a USD account) in line with local procedures.

To get started, dial *901*13# or download the AccessMore app

Terms and conditions apply

For account holders only

For more information visit, click here.

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