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Save Money! Make your Own Sanitizers and Keep Your Family Healthy Using Aviair PureSense

DIY; Make Your Own Effective Sanitizer at Home Using Electricity, Regular Salt & Tap Water

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As a mother of two, Davina Lawal is always concerned about the health and safety of her family. With the global pandemic changing life as we all know it, her concerns for her family’s hygiene have tripled and rightly so.

The fear of any member of her family getting infected has pushed her to take deliberate measures to disinfect her home.  However, Davina Lawal is now faced with a new challenge- the ripple effect of the rise in the demand for sanitizing products has caused a drastic spike in retail prices of all brands of sanitizing solutions. But a mother can never give up when it comes to the health of her family, or can she?

Like other mothers, home keepers, and decision-makers, Davina Lawal has now been forced to seek alternative means to decontaminate her space in order to keep herself, her family, and everyone else safe. 

With infants who are prone to biting their toys and touching surfaces recklessly, her concerns seem unending as many disinfectants in the market contain toxic and harmful chemicals that are not safe for consumption and should not be used on delicate items. And so, when Davina Lawal found Aviair PureSense, she knew right there and then that her worrying days were over. 

Aviair PureSense is a device that helps you create an effective sanitizing solution from regular salt and tap water using electricity. When an electric current passes through the salt and water solution, it creates hypochlorous acid which has a 99.9% disinfection rate and can be used on any surface. It is effective, reusable, and toxic-free.

To Davina Lawal’s delight, she discovered that she could also use Aviair PureSense in the kitchen to disinfect her groceries and vegetables without being concerned about any after-effects or odors. 

Upon Davina Lawal’s inquiry from health practitioners and regulating bodies, she discovered that Aviair PureSense has been scientifically tested and certified to create the right strength of hypochlorous acid that would fit the purpose. It also comes with an automated spray that distributes an even amount of microdroplets ensuring maximum decontamination.
To her awe, she discovered that the use of this technology for sanitizing purposes is not new; smart industrialists around the world have been using this method for over 40 years.

For Davina Lawal, the best part is that after one purchase all you need is regular salt and tap water to make an unlimited amount of sanitizer, anytime you want, at no extra expense. 

Amazingly, another mother, Rupal Agrawal, who is also a finance professional, asserted that,

“The thought of my baby getting infected forced me to take deliberate steps to disinfect my home. I am very meticulous in my cleaning and ensure that everything my child might come in contact with is disinfected often. My effort to keep my family safe does not have to come at a back-breaking price.

This is why Aviair PureSense is a fantastic option. For me, making my own sanitizing solution has not only helped me save money but also given me control over what chemicals are used in my house.  As I was so happy with Aviair, I convinced my company to buy it for our workplace and follow the same sanitizing practices I carry out at home.  So now I am at peace knowing that my family, colleagues, customers, and myself are protected.”

Rupal and Davina Lawal are not the only safety-conscious individuals who trust Aviair PureSense to keep their families protected. 

Ex-BBnaija housemate, Ike Onyema, uses Aviair PureSense to decontaminate his car, gym equipment, kitchen, and other areas in his home and office. For him, protecting himself from infectious germs and viruses while carrying out his day to day activities is essential.

Business owner, Ryanne John, has been able to save money on sanitizing solutions since she started using Aviair PureSense. In her line of business, she is always in contact with clients and items in her beauty studio from doorknobs to water dispensers, makeup brushes, capes, POS machines, toilet flushers, taps, and several other communal areas.  Being able to make her own sanitizer in a cost-effective way has allowed her to keep herself, her staff, and customers safe.

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Parenting coach and Lagos mums community founder, Yetty Williams, finds Aviair Puresense to be a money-saving gift. She has been able to sanitize everything in her house from surfaces to toys, food, groceries, and handles without worrying about the cost. For her, making the lifetime purchase means no extra plastic and new containers in her home and she gets to make her sanitizers as often as she wants.

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With Aviair PureSense, creating the habit of constantly disinfecting becomes seamless. Act wisely like Davina Lawal, Rupal, Ike, Ryanne John, and other smart people who chose the most economic and convenient way to sanitize their surroundings and protect their families. 

Thumbs up to you if you have adopted a regular sanitization routine to ensure your family stays safe and healthy; If you have not, it’s not too late. Start now!

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