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A win and a counsel

After a win with her team in the Betway Trivia, Vee proceeds to advise Laycon on the path he was treading in the BBNaija house.

Vee noticed Laycon was rekindling his relationship with Erica and she took it upon herself to advise him, but not before she joined her team for the Betway Nigeria Trivia.

It’s a win for Team White

The housemates put on their game faces and their trivia hats as they battled against each other for this week’s Betway Nigeria Trivia. In the end, team white won. As usual, they had to first separate themselves into two teams before playing.

Team White: Nengi, Brighto, Vee, Neo, Ozo, Kiddwaya, and Lucy.
Team Black: Wathoni, Praise, Erica, Dorathy, Laycon, Tolanibaj, Prince and Trikytee.

Trikytee had created the personae of the oracle that usually predicted the answer for whichever team he belonged to. The answer was usually arrived at after much deliberation. Last week, Ozo was the oracle in Trikytee’s team, but this time, Praise was the oracle in his new team (Team Black) but that wasn’t enough to secure a victory for them. After an intense clash, Team White edged their opponents with one point.

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Fair warning

“It will end in tears,” Vee warned as she advised Laycon concerning what his rekindled friendship with Erica might cost him. She urged him to give himself space from Erica and focus on his ‘gangsta’ so as to avoid being distracted. Vee who is no stranger to the complicated relationship between Laycon and Erica deemed it fit to remind Laycon of the state he found himself in when he initially tried to break free. Vee was one of the few friends who helped him get over his sober phase and to keep him from slipping back into that hole, she insisted he stop whatever emotions were building up in him.  “I don’t care if its infatuation or like, I need you to stop it,” she cautioned.

1598038081 34 screenshot 2020 08 21 at 14.51.35

Neo believed no one had the right to tell Laycon what to do but he also warned him not to be wary of rekindling this close friendship with the hope of getting what he wants because if he doesn’t, he might end up in the state of despair he just came out from.

1598037992 34 screenshot 2020 08 21 at 15.30.14

In spite of this cautionary warnings, Laycon is still his own man and the final decision on how he wants to pursue his relationship with Erica rests in his hands. Either way, he chooses, we will be here to see how it all turns out.

Worked up over pampering

Prince is upset that getting the pampering he deserves is becoming an issue in the BB Naija House and he gets into an argument over it.

The best part of winning the Arena Games is not just bragging rights, but also a week of pampering from the rest of the Housemates. It’s Prince’s turn to get his pampering but it is not going down well with everyone else. Biggie making it mandatory that he gets pampered makes it all the more complicated.

Explaining why you need to be pampered

A mild argument took place between Lucy and Prince as he explained why he was right to make requests of the other Housemates. “I don’t understand why everybody is having an issue with me telling them to do stuff for me,” he said complaining about the treatment being meted out to him. To make a case for his demands, he reiterated that Biggie made it mandatory that he made use of his privilege or face the consequence. Lucy grudge was that he seemed to be asking for too much as she sarcastically replied “flex your flex, it is your lucky tenure,” An upset Prince kept trying to explain that he wasn’t being extra with his demands and that he was just following instructions.

Watch the argument here

Wathoni might have found more than comfort in the arms of Brighto as their bond keeps getting stronger. Both Housemates spent the morning been a lot more playful than usual. “You know you want me in your space,” Wathoni said as she playfully pestered Brighto before they tossed and turned excitedly on the bed.

How much is enough money?

Kiddwaya is on a quest to find out if the Housemates would take the cash price of 25 million and a sponsorship deal to leave the house immediately. This time around, he asked Tolanibaj and Laycon. Tolanibaj refused to accept the deal and insisted she would stay in the House. Weighing her pros and cons, she seemed quite certain that one could bag more endorsement deals by staying in the House. She admitted that this notion was hinged on probability, but she didn’t mind taking that chance. Laycon didn’t even think it was a feasible deal so there was no point.

Watch here

The uncertainty of the result of the Wager Task aside, the Housemates are in a fine mood and nothing can rain on their parade just yet.

Becoming Biggie

We asked BBNaija fans what they would do in the House and to the Housemates if they were Biggie and the replies were interesting.

It’s no longer news that the House is missing one key personality and that’s no one other than Big Brother himself. If you didn’t know Biggie has been away, well this is kind of awkward cause he’s been gone for quite a while and this can only mean, you haven’t been watching. Wow! Anyway, because we are nice, we will give you a recap. Biggie took a vacation from the House and the Housemates have been on their own with minimal supervision for almost a week now. It’s been long since we heard his warm and sometimes menacing voice boom through the House.

Biggie’s absence has left room for wild guesses as to his whereabouts. Let’s just say some of the guesses are the funniest we have ever heard. A few of the Housemates thought he was mad at them while the internet thought… you know what? Just read for yourself.

To be honest, we’d love to tell you where Biggie went but we’d let him do that himself when he gets back.


Biggie’s vacation did come with some pros. Top on the list of the pros was the opportunity to take up Biggie’s power and suggest what happens in the BBNaija House. We asked that you send in your suggestions and you gave us quite a lot of responses with the #IfIWereBiggie hashtag.

5 trending topics that have us wondering ‘What’s next?’
Last night was a Game of Wagers and twisted Diary sessions that had us all at the edge of our seats as we wondered who was who in the Big Brother Naija House. We put together 5 trending topics from last night that make us wonder ‘What’s next?’

Last night was mad o as we sank our teeth into Diary Sessions where Housemates told each other- albeit some reservedly- what they would tell Biggie, and then went straight into a Wager exercise that made some wonder if people were telling each other underhanded messages. We kept our eye on viewer comments to bring you the 5 trending topics from the last half of yesterday.

1. BBNaija

BBNaija was trending for many different reasons through the evening that varied from the Diary Twist, including topics from what the Housemates said in the Diary Session to their bold words during the Wager.

2. Prince

Prince raised an eyebrow or two during his Diary Session with his Biggie, Erica. He told her that he would split her relationship with Kiddwaya if he had to choose a couple to break up in the House

3. Erica

Erica had a long day. From her Diary session with Wathoni where she tried to clear the air, going straight into another session where Prince told her he would split her ‘ship if he had to choose.

4. Tranquillity

The man of the hour, Trikytee made waves with every round as he asked the Housemates to be quiet. ‘Tranquility!’ took a spot on the trends list and we doubt anyone will forget it anytime soon. Here is how a few of you chose to commemorate his moment.

5. Dorathy

Dorathy had a Diary Session with Ozo as her Big Brother where she revealed her truths about her actions in the House.

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