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#BBNaija Day – 40: Kiddwaya wins the Betway Arena Games for the First Time



Kiddwaya Swings to Victory

Kiddwaya wins the Betway Arena Games for the first time in record time.

For the first time, Kiddwaya has won the Betway Arena Games making him the champion for the 6th week. He takes over from Praise, the winner of the last edition. From being Deputy Head of House to being the HoH and now, the Arena Games champion, Kiddwaya has had an amazing run in the House so far.

Paying Tributes

In keeping with the week’s Superhero theme, this edition of Betway Arena Games paid tribute to the brave men and women of the armed forces that bravely risk their lives to ensure safety and featured a basic armed forces training exercise. To get the Games started, the Housemates were provided with elbow and knee guards as the got briefed about what the course entailed.

The Challenge

The Betway Arena Games featured six simple courses that each Housemate had to complete in three minutes. For the first course, the Housemates had to run through tyre tracks making sure to step in every tyre hole without skipping any hole or jumping over any tyre. From there, they moved to the second course which involved them running under the arch. On completion, they moved on to the monkey bars where they swung from bar to bar without skipping or they had to restart. The next stage was the tunnel escape. For this course, they had to crawl on all fours as fast as possible through one side of the tunnel to the other before proceeding to climb up and down the steps. The final course involved climbing a simple wall to complete the entire course.

How they did

The challenge was a game of speed and stamina and they all put in efforts with a few stumbling along the way but they quickly picked themselves up and got back in the swing of things. In the end, Kiddwaya clinched the victory in record time.

The Prize

Kiddwaya’s prize remains a mystery as Biggie announced that he will be awarded on Monday. Just like Kiddwaya, we are also looking forward to what he will be rewarded with and if he will be sharing it with anyone special.

Party with DJ Switch and CDQ

It’s set to be a Saturday Night to remember in the Big Brother Naija Lockdown House with DJ Switch and CDQ!

Every Saturday is a memorable Saturday for the Housemates. Whether they are bringing, keeping it grounded with high life or keeping it old school, you know they look forward to the Saturday Night party as much as we do.

With just a sample of what you can expect this weekend, we hope you are ready to have some fun in the Lockdown with the Lockdown geng. We will see you on Saturday.

Betway Sports Trivia ninjas

Every Thursday we await the performance of the Big Brother Naija Lockdown Housemates in the Betway Sports Trivia.

Friday is Betway Trivia day in the House and as you have seen from week to week, the Housemates are getting the hang of it more and more and getting into the full vibe! Today was a great day for the teams as we check out how it went down.

Today’s teams were as follows:

Team White was represented by Tolanibaj, Kiddwaya, Erica, Trickytee, Laycon, Brighto and Nengi.

Team Black was represented by Dorathy, Lucy, Neo, Vee, Ozo, Prince and Wathoni.

Who asks the best questions?

When it comes to asking the questions we know that some have more attitude than others. We always enjoy Vee’s side jabs, in addition to Wathoni’s chilled vibe, and Tolanibaj’s no-nonsense attitude. Of course, the session would not be complete without Trikytee putting on an accent in addition to his wig. The banter seemed to keep the Housemates going for the entire session, allowing them to laugh through their wins and losses. the Housemates had to get used to the fact that they did not have

The kings of the castle

When it comes to the Betway Sports Trivia Games, it seems that the guys always take the leading role in answering questions. Today the leads were Kiddwaya and Laycon for Team White and Ozo and Prince for Team White. Though they were not always right, they had most of the answers. Many of them recounted blow by blow accounts of events from their memories as if they were re-living moments.

Todays Winner

Today’s winning team by a slim, single point was Team Black who celebrated for a very short time before re-entering the House to refresh and refuel.

It is tough enough to know some of these answers without the help of google, and the Housemates seem to do well every week. How many of the questions were you able to answer?

Working for the fans

The Big Brother Naija Lockdown Housemates take to the gym every morning. Today some were working their thoughts out, discussing what branding will mean for them outside the House.

Keeping it light

After the Kuda Task and last night’s deep Wager session, the Housemates made it to the Arena this morning to partake in their workouts of the day in high spirits. Everyone except Laycon who was happy enough sitting on the sidelines while his Housemates continued- one or two Housemates stopping to ask him if he was ok- which he said he was. Though the session is meant for working out, it’s not just the body that works, as we caught up with some Housemates who discussed how the branding from the House will benefit them outside.


Wathoni spent the morning walking around the Arena at a steady pace on her own, while Laycon spent the whole morning sitting on the bench interacting with those who stopped by him. Prince worked on his fitness alone as he has been prone to do of late, though he was later joined by Trikytee who was previously working out with Brighto and Kiddwaya.

1598601425 34 screenshot 2020 08 28 at 08.14.29

Dance crew

Neo led one crew in the first workout of the morning. The crew consisted of Lucy, Dorathy, Erica, Vee, Nengi and Tolanibaj who of course seemed to enjoy the session. When the crew settled down for more floor and core workouts they were joined by Ozo who helped push them. Lucy and Dorathy broke off from the group at this point as they were not working out today. They made happy by showing each other how to do splits and chatting about general life.

Fave selection criteria

Brighto and Kiddwaya took up their regular spot in the Arena where they usually talk about anything and everything. After their separate workouts today the conversation seemed to start with how the viewers and fans view the Housemates. Brighto told Kiddwaya that viewers started by checking Housemate’s performance in HoH Games, Saturday Night Party energy and Housemate’s day-to-day energy to pick who their faves were. Kiddwaya agreed and continued that social media plays a big part too. ‘People check your social media and check your life, how you’re like, and it forms an idea in your head’, said Kiddwaya. ‘Exactly’, replied Brighto. They continued to talk about how celebrities play a big part in the Housemates Game when they pick a fave.

1598601220 34 screenshot 2020 08 28 at 09.04.53

They know who I am

While some napped, others danced. Tolanibaj joined Brighto and Kiddwaya in their corner and the conversation went further, starting with Kiddwaya remarking ‘I’m sure Prince’s whole village is voting for him’, which sparked part two of their conversation. The trio related to each other how the week has been long, just as the journey so far has. Tolanibaj exclaimed that she is going to just have fun until Sunday.

Kiddwaya responded ‘If you go, you go’ adding that ‘It depends on how you use it on the outside’. He continued that they did not know how the Housemates were outside, for all they knew, the ex Housemates were killing it outside. Tolanibaj was happy to have done the Pepsi and Indomie challenges, saying ‘At least they know who I am’, adding later that ‘They branded our faces on their merch, it’s not easy now’. The Housemates continued weighing up their Tasks so far, satisfied that they had already made a mark and being in the House this long was already a Win for them.

As Sunday looms, we can see that Evictions are already on the Housemate’s minds, and we wait to see what it means when they say they just want to have fun this weekend.

A Night of Reconciliations

After the Wager presentation, the House was filled with resolutions and recalling of events in the House.

The House was in a calm mood after such an emotional revelation at the Wager presentation and it was no surprise that the House was full of nothing but chilled vibes all night.

Taking another step in the ship

During the Wager presentation, Wathoni gave an emotional speech about her son being her hero and after the Task, Vee and Neo were cuddled up on the couch talking about how Wathoni makes them want to have a baby. Neo brought up this conversation after planting some kisses on Vee’s lips and Vee replied telling him that Wathoni makes her want to have a baby too, but they’ll have to get married first. So, does this mean we’re having a BB Naija wedding soon? Biggie, are you ready?

Before this discussion between the couple, Vee and Neo had yet another food fight. The number of fights these two has had over food sha, if it’s not semo, it’s poundo potato lol. Earlier today, the food fight lasted all evening and they didn’t get to settle their differences until after the Wager Task presentation when Neo walked up to Vee and kissed her.

“I hear that we often fight about food,” Vee tells him as they cuddle on the couch. Then they go on to talk about how sharing food should or should not be normalized in their relationship. While Vee believed Neo ought to ask first before touching her foo, Neo thought that being an item means they should be open to sharing things. “It makes me happy to share things with you,” he told her and she replied saying, “It makes me happy to share with you too but not every time”.

Minutes after they settled their hundredth food fight in the House, Vee and Neo happily ate a meal of semo for dinner.

Thank you, Biggie!

Remember when Biggie punished the House last week for their failure to adhere to his rules and stopped providing hot water? Well, it may seem as though Biggie has forgiven his guests as he announced the Wager presentation. Who would have thought that we would be hearing the sentence, “Housemates, hot water is now available” this soon? Could it be because Biggie forgave the Housemates after they chorused an apology during the Wager Task presentation, or maybe it’s a sign that he was impressed by their emotional performance and rewarded them with a hot bath to calm their nerves tonight?

A broken ship?

Did Tolanibaj and Prince break up? Yesterday, they both discussed taking things slow in their relationship. Tolanibaj still has this feeling that Prince doesn’t like her as much as she would want him to, or perhaps, he just sucks at showing his feelings towards her.

In the Garden, Wathoni and Prince talked about his entanglement in the House and the commotion it caused amongst the ladies involved. He then went ahead to tell her that he never chose anyone from the beginning, just as he explained to Ebuka on Sunday. He said Tolanibaj thinks he’s too stuck up and serious and he blames this on how he grew up.

When asked about his current situation with Nengi, Prince said she hasn’t spoken to him in a while and she has been avoiding him intentionally and even ignoring him sometimes. “Even during the games in the Arena, when I’m doing well and other Housemates are cheering me on, I always look at her and she gives no reaction,” he added.

A reconciliation between Neo and Vee, Prince and Wathoni and Biggie and the Housemates all in one night? It couldn’t have gotten any better for the Lockdown geng.

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