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#BNxBBNaija5: Let’s Take You Through How Much the Lockdown Housemates Have Won So Far

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It’s been six weeks in the 2020 Big Brother Naija Lockdown house and as expected, a lot has gone down. From friendships, relationships and all sorts of ‘ships to Saturday night parties, Thursday wager challenges, Monday Head of House challenges, Friday Arena Games and the many daily tasks sponsored by the various sponsors of the reality TV show

From the initial twenty contestants who began the game, six people have been evicted leaving fourteen contestants to the race for 85Million Naira worth of prizes. Aside the grand price, there are many other prizes to be won and the housemates have relentlessly put in their best into each task to ensure they win as many items as possible during their stay in Big Brother’s House.

For some housemates, these tasks come in as compensation. They may not win the 85million Naira so they might as well win the other things they can.

The Flutterwave Challenge

The first win in the house was bagged by Tochi, Tolanibaj, Erica, Kiddwaya and Brighto (Team KEBT Naturals) courtesy of Flutterwave.

For the task, the Housemates were required to form 4 teams consisting of Team KEBT Naturals, Team EVON which included EricVeeOzo and Neo. Team Glow Up was represented by Prince, Lucy, Nengi, Dorathy and Praise. Finally, Trikytee, Laycon, Kaisha and Wathoni made up Team Beautiful Stores.

The task was divided into phases and spread across the day. The first phase required each group to present a two minutes advertisement campaign. After the first phase, Team KEBT Naturals and Team EVON moved on to the final phase.

This time, both teams were given five minutes to present an advertisement campaign which includes a short catchy tune, and Team KEBT Naturals finally emerged winners of the task. They were rewarded with 50 Betway coins each.

The Dulux Challenge

The next Prize win of Two Million Naira for the Lockdown season was bagged by Kiddwaya, Erica, Nengi, Dorathy, Lucy, Brighto, Trikytee, Kaisha and Tochi (Team Cornish Dawn), courtesy of Dulux Nigeria.

The Lockdown Housemates were challenged to design a contemporary ante room for a busy female professional who loves art, bold styles and colours, and wants her visitors to feel warm and welcomed. Housemates were divided into two teams – Team Lunar Falls (Ozo, Tolanibaj, Neo, Vee, Laycon, Eric, Prince, Wathoni and Praise) and Team Cornish Dawn.

Dulux Nigeria provided them with every material they needed, from Dulux paints and paint brushes to aprons, throw pillows, cardboard for the mood boards, vases and many more. Team Lunar Falls was headed by Ozo while Team Cornish Dawn was headed by Kiddwaya. The Housemates got to painting and after two hours, the buzzer went off and each team lead was given an opportunity to talk about the strategies used to achieve their task.

Finally, Big Brother announced the winning team to be Team Cornish Dawn, with 89 points which put them 6points ahead of Team Lunar Falls. Team Cornish Dawn was rewarded with a prize of Two Million Naira and some Dulux paints.

The Patricia Challenge

Up next was the prize of a Bitcoin worth $500 and it went to Nengi, Kiddwaya, Tochi, Erica, Tolanibaj, Ozo, Trikytee, Neo, Laycon, Wathino, Vee, Prince, Dorathy, Lucy, Brighto, Kaisha, Eric and Praise. Yes! Every Housemate in the BBNaija Lockdown house on that day was a winner.

Housemates were shared into six teams of three members each, and faced off in a series of charades, quizzes, and jingles. After trying their best to be the team with the highest points, they all got a reward of a Bitcoin each worth $500, courtesy of Patricia.

The Guinness Smooth Hunt

The Guinness Smooth hunt brought another prize of 3 million naira to the Lockdown house, courtesy of Guinness. The Housemates were divided into two groups:

  • Team Barley consisted of Lucy, Erica, Kiddwaya, Brighto, Trikytee, Vee, Laycon and Kaisha.
  • Team Hops included Praise, Dorathy, Ozo, Neo, Wathoni, Tolanibaj, Prince and Nengi.

Housemates had two tasks and the first one was a photography session. Competing for a total of 100 points, the housemates played five games worth 20 points each for the second Guinness smooth task. The five games included a foosball challenge, the Guinness smooth stack, the Guinness Smooth Goal, TIC TAC Smooth and Guinness Smooth Charade.

In the end, it was a win for both teams as Team Hops won the photography session and received a sum of One Million Naira, while Team Barley won the game session and received the sum of Two Million Naira.

The Oppo Mobile Challenge

Then came the hilarious Oppo Challenge which had the Lockdown geng playing musical chairs and a Charade task. The musical chairs helped divide the housemates into 8 teams, each consisting of a male and a female. The teams then proceeded to play the game of Charades with numerous hits and misses. After two rounds, the portion of the game was done and the housemates rounded off with the following scores :

Team 1 – Neo and Lucy:                         20
Team 2 – Ozo and Wathoni :                 0
Team 3 – Kaisha and Prince:                 0
Team 4 – Kiddwaya and Dorathy:        20
Team 5 – Erica and Praise:                    35
Team 6 – Tolanibaj and Brighto:          0
Team 7 – Vee and Laycon:                     15
Team 8 – Nengi and Trikytee:               0

Obviously, Team 5 which consisted of Erica and Praise earned the victory spot for this one and were each rewarded with $500 and Oppo phones, courtesy of Oppo Nigeria.

The Travel Based Task

This Travel Beta task took things to another level and brought a win for Tolanibaj, Prince, Nengi, Ozo Vee, Wathoni, Laycon and Brighto. To get the game going, the Housemates were divided into 4 teams named after iconic destinations in Nigeria:

  • Ijesha Waterfall: Kiddwaya, Erica and Praise.
  • Calabar Canivayl: Vee, Wathoni, Laycon and Brighto.
  • Abuja: Prince, Nengi, Ozo and Tolanibaj.
  • Obudu: Kaisha, Trickytee, Neo and Lucy.

Each team played two games. The first was a crossword puzzle with blank spaces on the puzzle to be filled were 22 cities and states in Nigeria. Team Calabar Carnival completed this task way before the allotted one hour and won this round. They were rewarded with One Million Naira.

The next game was a commercial. The teams had to create a commercial for Travel Beta which was at least five minutes long and showcased all the services Travel Beta provides creatively and colorfully. This part of the task was convincingly won by team Abuja and they were also rewarded with a One Million Naira and an extra prize of an all-expenses-paid trip to Abuja was added, Courtesy of Travel Beta.

The Airtel Musical Presentation

Then came another win for Nengi, Laycon, Vee and Tolanibaj, courtesy of Airtel Nigeria.

As a way of promoting the *444# code, Airtel created a unique and lively song for the product. The Airtel musical presentation required the housemates to further entrench the song in the minds of the populace by simply creating their own rendition of the song. They were shared into four groups:

  • Team 1: Dorathy, Neo, Ozo and Wathoni.
  • Team 2: Kiddwaya, Trickytee and Erica.
  • Team 3: Praise, Prince, Lucy and Brighto.
  • Team 4: Vee, Nengi, Laycon and Tolanibaj.

The housemates took turns to deliver their musical presentations and team 4 finally won the prize of two million Naira, which will provide materials worth the amount to any charity cause of their choice.

The Ekulo Challenge

Another task we couldn’t got enough of was the Ekulo task courtesy of Hawaii Nigeria, and the wins went to Laycon, Nengi, Praise, Prince and Wathoni.

For this challenge the Housemates were given two tasks and shared into three teams:

  • Team Papaya: Ozo, Dorathy, Neo, Tolanibaj and Trickytee.
  • Team Gold: Kiddwaya, Erica, Lucy, Vee and Brighto.
  • Team Carrot: Laycon, Nengi, Praise, Prince and Wathoni.

They had one hour to put together a one minute song on the soap variant they represented and it was interesting watching them entertain us with their serenading voices. For the second task, three games were set up in the Arena for each team: sack race, stack it up, and bucket splash. To begin with the games, the Housemates were instructed to move into the Arena for the ‘Stack It Up’ game.

At the end of the game, this was the final score for each team: Team Papaya – 61 points, Team Gold – 53 points and Team Carrot – 65 points.

Team carrot emerged the winners and were rewarded with Two Million Naira courtesy of Hawaii Nigeria. The Lockdown housemates were also given a box of Hawaii products each, which was met with gratitude and smiles.

The Power of Being Cool Challenge

For this task, the wins went to Vee, Erica, Ozo, Laycon, Brighto, Dorathy, Nengi and Praise, courtesy of Tom Tom Nigeria

The housemates were required to create a powerful jingle that demonstrated the Power of being Cool by Tom Tom. Their first task was to create a musical piece through the provision of instrumentals which would be played through the House at random within 3 Hours. Next, the Housemates were required to come up with and deliver epic choreography performances. Again, the Housemates were divided into four teams:

  • Team Tom Tom classic: Brighto, Dorathy, Nengi, Praise.
  • Team Cool With Zing: Vee, Erica, Ozo, Laycon.
  • Team Tom Tom Fresh Lime: Tolanibaj, Trickytee, Neo.
  • Team Power of Cool: Prince, Lucy, Wathoni, Kiddwaya.

After much show of talent and will to win, Team Tom Tom classic and Team Cool With Zing emerged the winners and each group was rewarded with the price of 1 Million Naira.

Share Your Style Cooking Challenge

This next task had the Housemates not only doing one of their favorite things in the BBNaija House – cooking Indomie, but also smiling to the bank with 4 million Naira, courtesy of Indomie Nigeria. After getting paired for the Task, each pair was asked to exchange their special ingredients with their partners and cook using the ingredients exchanged. Each batch made up of two pairs of Housemates had 30 minutes to make their meals and they hurried to make sure their meals were ready before the buzzer went off.

Batch one consisting of Kiddwaya, Wathoni, Neo and Erica went first. Batch two consisted of Lucy, Ozo, Tolanibaj and Trickytee. Prince, Nengi, Dorathy and Laycon made up batch three while Vee and Brighto made up the last batch. After each performance, housemates were asked to rate their partners meal on a scorecard.

Impressed by their exceptional performance, Biggie awarded them all the cash prize of 4 million Naira courtesy of Indomie. Each team got a total of 570,000 Naira, but the twist was the sharing formulae. The scores given to each partner was reversed so each housemate now had the score they gave their partners while their partners had the score they gave them. The prize money was then shared based on their respective scores. Talk about getting paid for doing what you love.

Pepsi Musical Performance Challenge

This task left Ozo and Trickytee with One Million Naira each, courtesy of Pepsi Nigeria.

Similar to some of the previous tasks, housemates were required to partake in this task in pairs. There were seven teams in total and to determine who their teammates were, they had to all participate in a quick game. A box was provided for the House; taking turns, each of the Housemates had to pick one card from the box without looking inside. Housemates who picked identical numbers automatically became teammates for the day. This was how the housemates were paired:

  • Team Pepsi Davido: Dorathy and Brighto
  • Team Pepsi Cuppy: Lucy and Kiddwaya
  • Team Pepsi Burna: Neo and Erica
  • Team Pepsi Spinall: Tolanibaj and Vee
  • Team Pepsi Tekno: Ozo and Trickytee
  • Team Pepsi Tiwa: Prince and Nengi
  • Team Pepsi Wizkid: Wathoni and Laycon

Once the teams had been formed, The housemates participated in a Jigsaw Challenge and Team Tiwa (Nengi and Prince) emerged winners and got rewarded with 500,000 Naira and a trip to Dubai for the One Africa Music Fest.

The next Task was to uncover their team names and the artiste that each team were to represent in the musical performance Task. Having formed the teams and uncovered their team’s ambassadors, the Housemates were introduced to the next phase of the Task. The major Task was to put up a grand performance of one of their team ambassador’s songs.

At the end of the task, Team Tekno emerged winners of One Million Naira for each teammate and a trip to Dubai for the One Africa Music Fest..

The Kuda Break Free Games

Neo, Tolanibaj, Trickytee, Dorathy and Prince took the price for this one. This task was divided into two exciting activities. The first part was called the Break Free Skit while the second was the Break Free Game.

The Housemates had to first divide themselves into three groups named.

  • Team Free Bank Transfers: Lucy, Laycon, Nengi and Ozo.
  • Team No Funny Charges: Erica, Vee, Brighto, Wathoni and Kiddwaya.
  • Team Free ATM Card: Trickytee, Tolanibaj, Neo, Dorathy and Prince.

Each Housemate was given a personalized backpack containing their Kuda Bank merchandise and outfits which they had to wear before they prepared for the Task. At the end of the day, Team Free ATM Card emerged as the winners and were rewarded with 1 million naira. The best part was, the other housemates were also given the total sum of One Million Naira to share equally amongst themselves, courtesy of Kuda Nigeria.

The Revolution Properties Challenge

This win went to Dorathy, Ozo, Neo, Wathoni, Laycon, Vee, Nengi and Tolanibaj, Courtesy of Revolution Plus Properties.

For this Task, the Housemates were given cards bearing the names of the 20 estates owned by Revolution Properties and given15 minutes to memorize their names and locations. Each team nominated one member as their representative for the crossword puzzle. The representatives were given 60 seconds to find a property name on the puzzle and circle it. Once that was done the team had 10 seconds to name the location of the property. Each team was given four chances to play a round, which meant that 16 rounds were played in total.
When the dust had settled and the smoke had cleared the scores from the first round were :

  • Team Hilcrest: Dorathy, Ozo, Neo and Wathoni – 100
  • Team Victoria’s Courts and Gardens: Laycon, Vee, Nengi and Tolanibaj – 100
  • Flourish Residences: Lucy Prince and Brighto – 50
  • Team Grandeur: Erica, Kiddwaya and Trickytee – 25

Part two of the Revolution Properties Task came in and the Housemates were challenged with the very real Task of creating a 3D structure out of cards, which they soon realized was very difficult in the garden. The Task was simple, take a look at the image of your estate’s gate, and recreate it, with the poker cards provided.

In the end, Team Hilcrest and Team Victoria’s Courts and Gardens took home the prize of One Million Naira each, courtesy of Revolution Plus Properties Nigeria.

Giant strides with Johnnie Walker

Laycon, Vee and Nengi won this prize!

The lockdown Geng had a chance to represent their favourite brands of Johnnie Walker in a bid to complete the day’s Task. The Task which was divided into three activities saw the Housemates competing against each other in four different teams to garner the most points:

Team White Walker – Ozo, Neo and Dorathy

Team Red Label – Lucy and Prince

Team Gold Label – Laycon, Nengi and Vee

Team Black Label – Erica, Kiddwaya and Trikytee

The first activity the Housemates faced was the Whiskey Wisdom quiz game. After watching a video with all the information needed for the quiz, the Housemates were given 30 minutes to process the information before proceeding to the Arena to test their knowledge on the newly acquired information.

Once done with the quiz, the Housemates moved to the next activity which was to paint the Johnnie Walker Striding Man. Having worked on a paper drawing as they prepared for the Task, the Housemates were faced with the real deal as they took on painting the statue.

For the third Task, the Housemates made their way to the bar to come up with their cocktail collections and recipes. Two members of each team performed this Task while the last teammate stayed back in the House to act as judges.

In the end, Team Gold Label consisting of Laycon, Nengi and Vee won the cash prize of One Million Naira each and a trip to Edinburg, the home of Johnnie Walker.

The Oppo Challenge (2)

This win was claimed by Dorathy and Kiddwaya, Courtesy of Oppo Nigeria.

This task was a simple photography contest, and the Lockdown Housemates were required to divide themselves into five different teams. This meant four teams consisted of two members each while the last team had to have three members.

To determine their teammates, the Housemates were required to quickly partake in a fun spelling bee game. For this spelling bee game, they had to divide themselves into two groups of male and female.

Taking turns, each team member, that is one member from the opposite gender, had to pick one numbered envelope from the bowl of envelopes and give it to one member of the opposing team to pronounce while they had 10 seconds to spell the word. There were three stacks of numbered envelopes, the first stack was from number one to 21. While the second stack was from number 22 to 51. The last stack, from 52 to 70.

Housemates with identical numbers automatically became teammates for the Photography Challenge:

  • Group one – Trikytee and Prince
  • Group two – Ozo and Laycon
  • Group three – Dorathy and Kiddwaya
  • Group four – Neo and Lucy
  • Group five – Nengi, Erica and Vee

All the pictures were carefully reviewed by Amazing Klef, the OPPO team and Big Brother. Congratulations were in order to team Portrait (Prince and Trikytee) for coming 3rd place. Better luck next time. Congratulations to team Selfie (Laycon and Ozo) for coming 2nd place. Better luck next time, too.

Team Quadcam (Kiddwaya and Dorathy) were announced as the winners of the OPPO Deconstructed Photography Task. For winning this Task, they both won an OPPO Reno 3 phone each and a sum of one million Naira each, courtesy of Oppo Nigeria.

Amatem Game Changer Challenge

Team two consisting of Prince, Laycon, Neo, Lucy, Vee and Dorathy won the Amatem Game Changer Challenge.

The Challenge saw them competing against Ozo, Trikytee, Nengi, Kiddwaya, Erica making up Team one to create a television commercial for the Amatem brand. The commercial which was in the form of drama was judged based on originality, team participation and brand integration.

After preparing for two hours, both teams were called into the Arena where they were given five minutes each to make drama their presentation.

After an impressive performance by both teams, Team one was announced the winner. Not only was Team one awarded 700 thousand Naira as winners, but Team two also got 300 thousand Naira. In addition, each Housemate got a goodie bag from Amatem.

The Scanfrost Task

Prince and Neo took home the prize for this task, courtesy of Scanfrost Nigeria.

This task was divided into two phases. For the first phase, the Lockdown geng were grouped into five teams and asked to come up with a skit within a short period of time. Team Cooker consisting of Laycon and Lucy; Team Refrigerator with Prince and Neo; Team Laundry had Ozo, Nengi and Trikytee; Team Generator comprising Vee and Kiddwaya  and Team Air-conditioner had Dorathy and Erica.

Still maintaining their teams, the Housemates got called into the Garden for the second phase of the Task. One member of Team Laundry was required to volunteer to serve as the umpire for this Task.

In the Garden, each team had to stand in front of the cut-out image of the Scanfrost product they represented, while the umpire stood by the larger Scanfrost backdrop beside the HOH lounge. There were 10 question cards on the pedestal placed by the large backdrop. The answer to each of the question was written on the other side of each card. Once a team was called to answer a question, they only had 15 seconds to give the correct answer.  If the team’s answer to a question is incorrect, the umpire was at liberty to say so.

The points gathered by each team in the second round – quiz session were as follow: Team Refrigerator two points; Team Generator zero points; Team Air Conditioner three points; Team Cooker four points and finally, Team Laundry two points. This means Team Refrigerator won today’s Scanfrost Task with a total of 32 points.

Congratulations were in order to Prince and Neo as they will each receive one Scanfrost product.


Nengi, Prince and Trikytee won the prize of Three Million Naira for this challenge.

The fist task for this challenge was a hair and photography session. Housemates were grouped into three groups. Team braids was made up of Nengi, Prince and Trikytee, while Dorathy, Neo and Laycon made up Team Crochet and Team Empress had  Kiddwaya, Vee and Ozo.

After their hair and photography session, the Lockdown Housemates were given the second Challenge, the Darling Find Your Beautiful Hair Show. For this Task, all teams had to creatively style their themed hairstyle for a world-class hair runway show. In addition, each team had to showcase how they have found their beautiful with Darling Hair through spoken words/poetry.

The criteria set for them for both Tasks were teamwork, creativity and the perfect depiction of an unstoppable woman. In the first round, Teams Braids and Empress both scored 30 points each, while Team Crochet scored 26 points. For the Darling Runway Hair Show which formed their second Task for the day, Team Braids scored 28 points; Team Crochet 30 points while Team Empress scored 25 points. The total accrued points by each team across the two tasks are as follow: Team Braids, 58 points, while Teams Crochet and Empress gathered 56 and 55 points respectively.

Team Braids won the Darling Find Your Beautiful Task. As a reward, the team received the cash prize of three million Naira.

The Patricia Challenge

Kiddwaya, Dorathy, Vee, Neo and Trikytee took this one home.

After an interesting visit earlier in the Season, Patricia Switch dropped by the House with another Task for the Housemates. The Tasks consisted of two activities which the House had to divide themselves into three teams for through a lucky dip game.

After picking from the black box, each Housemate fell into three respective groups aptly named: Team Doing The Most (Vee, Laycon and Ozo) Team Here For You (Kiddwaya, Neo and Trikytee) and Team Bitcoin Made Easy (Dorathy, Nengi and Prince).

After watching a video clip containing information about the different products of the Patricia brand, the Housemates were told they will be taking turns in manning the Patricia Experience Centre set up in the arena and act as customer service agents or marketers of the Patricia product they represent. The opposing team members were to ask the presenting team questions about the products they are representing.

While all three teams put forward their best foot, only Team Here for You was able to tick all the required boxes. Kiddwaya, Trikytee and Neo won one thousand dollars worth of Bitcoins for winning the first round of today’s Task.

For the second part of today’s Task, the Housemates were required to reshuffle themselves. As usual, the familiar lucky dip game was in play once again to determine the new teams. The team names for this phase are as follow:

  • Team Hank Luxury – Laycon, Nengi and Trikytee
  • Team Hank Candy Floss – Vee, Kiddwaya and Dorathy
  • Team Hank Black Panther – Ozo, Neo and Prince

While all three teams may have given their best, only one team met the requirements presented to the Housemates. Team Hank Candy Floss – Kiddwaya, Dorathy and Vee, won the second Task of the day. The team was rewarded with the sum of one thousand Dollars worth of Bitcoin, courtesy Patricia.


Vee, Laycon and Trikytee bagged this one.

It was a triple dose of entertainment as the Housemates divided into three teams gave an elaborate reenactment of TV shows for the Showmax Talent Show. The teams were Team Game of Thrones (Laycon, Vee and Trikytee), Team Power (Kiddwaya, Dorathy and Prince) and Team Suits (Nengi, Ozo and Neo). All aptly named after TV shows showing on the Showmax platform.

After days of preparation, the Housemates finally stepped on stage to showcase all they had prepared for. Each team had a duration of 30 minutes to present their talent show and they made good use of each second. The show featured show hosts and two assistant hosts, and a judging panel of three housemates. Working in teams, each team took turns in playing the role of show hosts, assistant hosts and judges.

Their good actions were rewarded with a years free Showmax. Vee scooped the highest praises for her performance and will be headed to Cape Town, South Africa with a friend to celebrate her Showmax Talent Show win.

The Fashion WAW!

This win went to Ozo, Prince, Laycon and Kiddwaya.

It was a fashion design faceoff as the Housemates battled each other for the better outfit designs in the WAW detergent Challenge. The Task which was the first in the WAW detergent two-part Challenge saw the Housemates being divided into two teams and creating a WAW colored inspired outfit using the provided fabrics, items and resources.

Immediately after Trikytee read the brief, he asked the Housemates to take part in a lucky dip to figure out the team they each belonged to.

Team WAW Preserves – Vee, Nengi, Neo, Trikytee and Dorathy.

Team WAW Protects – Ozo, Prince, Laycon and Kiddwaya.

In the end, Team WAW Protects took the prize, resulting in an award of N1,000,000 to the team and one year’s supply of products for all the Housemates for their efforts during the day.

The Flutterwave Challenge

Laycon, Ozo Nengi, Vee and Neo won the Flutterwave Task.

The Flutterwave Task had the Housemates hunting treasures and diving into a pool to complete it. For this task, Housemates were divided into three groups.

  • Team Payments Links – Ozo and Laycon
  • Team Invoice – Neo, Vee and Nengi
  • Team Store – Dorathy and Trikytee

Then came the Pit Ball Hunt. Trikytee, Neo and Laycon were nominated by their respective teammates to dive into the ball pit in search of small Flutterwave boxes containing questions they had to answer with their teammates. Team Store was the first to find a booby trap and it was fun watching Dorathy complete it by bursting balloons with her behind.

Team Invoice and Team Payments Links went up next searching for boxes and answering them while tackling obstacle courses.

For the first Task, Team Payments Links amassed a subtotal of 18 points while Teams Invoice and Store scored 15 points and 12 points respectively. In the second Task, Team Payment Links earned 101 points while Team Invoice and Store scored a subtotal of 82 and 75 points respectively. The total points for each team across the two tasks were as follow: Team Store 87 points; Team Invoice 97 points and Team Payments Links 119 points making them the winner.
Team Payments Links consisting of Laycon and Ozo won the Flutterwave Task with a cash prize of one million Naira. Team Invoice consisting of Neo, Vee and Nengi came second and smiled to the bank with 500 thousand Naira.

The Innoson Memory Challenge

At the end of this task, Ozo emerged the winner of  the 2020 IVM Caris

Courtesy of Innoson Vehicles, Task was designed to test each Housemate’s individual cognitive strengths as they were required to walk on their own on the journey to clinching the sleek and luxurious prize.

In different stages, each Lockdown Housemate was challenged with some memory Tasks and one by one, they fell until a winner was declared.

Everyone is a winner after all!

As it stands, this is approximately how much the BBNaija Lockdown Housemates have won in Big Brother’s House:

  • Vee: N6,170,000 + a box of Hawaii products + A trip to Edinburg + $1,000 Patricia Bitcoin + 1 year Showmax Subscription + A trip to Capetown + 1 year supply of WAW products + 1 year supply of Henkel Homecare Products + 3 months free food monthly voucher from Amazon Farms
  • Laycon: N6,030,000 + a box of Hawaii products + A trip to Edinburg + 1 year Showmax Subscription + 1 year supply of Henkel Homecare Products + 3 months free food monthly voucher from Amazon Farms
  • Nengi: N5,350,000 + a box of Hawaii products + A trip to Abuja + A trip to Dubai + A trip to Edinburg + 1 year supply of WAW products + 3 months free food monthly voucher from Amazon Farms
  • Prince: N4,725,000 + a box of Hawaii products + A trip to Abuja + A trip to Dubai + 1 Scanfrost product
  • Dorathy: N4,600,000 + a box of Hawaii products + 1 Oppo Reno 3 phone + $1,000 Patricia Bitcoin + 1 year supply of WAW products + 1 year supply of Henkel Homecare Products + 3 months free food monthly voucher from Amazon Farms
  • Trickytee: N4,055,000 + a box of Hawaii products + One year Pepsi supply + A trip to Dubai + $1,000 Patricia Bitcoin + 1 year Showmax Subscription + 1 year supply of WAW products
  • Neo: N4,054,000 + a box of Hawaii products + 1 Scanfrost Product + $1,000 Patricia Bitcoin + 1 year supply of WAW products + 3 months free food monthly voucher from Amazon Farms
  • Ozo: N3,494,000 + a box of Hawaii products + A trip to Abuja + One year Pepsi supply + A trip to Dubai + A 2020 IVM Caris
  • Kiddwaya: N2,461,000 + a box of Hawaii products + 1 Oppo Reno 3 phone + $1,000 Patricia Bitcoin
  • Erica: N2, 011,000 + $500 + 1 Oppo Phone + a box of Hawaii products
  • Brighto: N1,679,000 + a box of Hawaii products
  • Lucy: N1,318,000 + a box of Hawaii products
  • Wathoni: N1,221,000 + a box of Hawaii products
  • Tolanibaj: N845,000 + a box of Hawaii products + A trip to Abuja
  • Praise: N775,000 + an Oppo Phone + a box of Hawaii products
  • Kaisha: N472,000 + a box of Hawaii products
  • Tochi: N222,000 + a box of Hawaii products

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