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Erica the New HoH picks Kiddwaya as her Deputy on #BBNaija Day 22



Shake body

The BBNaija housemates have been known to bust a move given the chance.

This morning the housemates were in good spirits, all showing up for their workout and straight after, getting into cleaning their place of residence. The mood was so light that the dance moves flowed very easily through the morning. When we talk about dancing we know that the housemates are full of people who love to bust a move the minute Biggie allows the beat to drop. From celebrating wager wins and getting the party started on a Saturday night, to when the housemates are cleaning and doing their chores.

We know that during workouts, the housemates do this:

Thereafter, because the spirit of Afrobeats moves them, right before they leave, they also do this:

Given that last week, the housemates were quite shaken by their fellow housemates leaving and were still reeling by the time Monday came, this week was very different. This week, the housemates started off with a high energy workout which got them amped, but also started the fun. Tolanibaj started the dance session in the arena.

Thereafter the housemates got to their chores and do the cleaning without any issues this morning, unlike other mornings. The music started and as the housemates began their days, they each let themselves be moved by the music. The mirror in the lounge is a perfect spot for the party starters in the house, so it was just a matter of time before someone stopped for a small shuffle.

And got down as the cleaned their rooms, the kitchen, the bathrooms and the general living areas:

But it culminated in a short but great group activity where we experienced this:

Today was a lively day in the House, no doubt. It has been a while since we have seen this kind of cohesion and we know we will see more.

Working on my fitness

They all work out, but the housemates do not work out the same.

The housemates wake up every day, to work out, but it is evident that they do not exactly do the same things. This morning’s workout was no different, here is a breakdown:

Do you even lift?

We know that there are the housemates who are literally working on their fitness, you can usually find them running laps around the arena, doing push-ups and sit-ups on the mats. Pushing their bodies physically to build muscle strength. Usually, you find Praise, Prince, Kiddwaya and Ozo in these positions, switching up between cardio and bodyweight like it’s nothing. Today was no different, we watched as the gents pushed and sweat making sue their strength is up, led mostly by Praise and Prince. Today they were joined by Trikytee and Brighto who seemed to be keeping up quite well through the morning, even when Prince proposed a push-up patter that they all knew they would find difficult.

I sure do lift- sometimes

As mentioned, Trikytee and Brighto joined the body lifting action today, though this is not always the case. We cannot forget the day Brighto slept through the workout and gained himself a fine, it was a one-off, but notable. The two housemates seem to have a different schedule to the others, in that they also understand their bodies and will not participate in every activity for the sake of joining. They also mix it up between the mats and the body weight lifting. Today though, they were all in with the body lifting, and that was not an easy workout for anyone that partook. The third housemate who sometimes joins different workouts as his body moved him is Neo, who today decided to take it easy and bounce on the stability balls with Nengi as they chatted.

Give me a mat, any day.

We also have the housemates who will definitely join the crew when it is time for workouts on the mats. Dorathy, Erica, Lucy, Wathoni, Nengi, Kaisha, Vee and sometimes Tolanibaj and Laycon get in on that action. The minute the workouts begin, these are the usual suspects who show up. Depending on who is leading, the workout can be intense or light. Needless to say, Praise has done a stellar job of making the workouts fun, today was no different. The housemates spent a good 30 minutes working out their whole bodies with Praise and though we usually see a dance at the end of the workout, that did not happen today.

Dancing is exercise

Some say that dancing relieves stress because when you are dancing, you are fully in the moments and it is akin to meditation. Apart from the dancing that we have become accustomed to after the workout which Praise usually leads, there are some serial dancers in our group. Number one on this list is our ever-dancing Tolanibaj who is mostly joined by many of the others, mostly Erica, Praise and Neo after their workouts. There are very few workouts where you do not see Tolanibaj in front of the mirror, dancing away and clearly enjoying herself, this usually leads to others joining her, one by one. Today was no different as we saw Erica jump in and the two ladies have a great time dancing. Perhaps this is what led to the dancing in the House later?

The Housemates have been in incredible spirits this morning, which leads us to believe that today will be a really good day.

Post eviction blues

Most housemates tell Biggie that they feel sad after Eric and Tochi were evicted. Their exit from the show has made them more aware of the game and grateful to still be in the running for the prize.

HoH Challenge

Today’s HoH challenge was a bit different. The housemates were given a minute and 10 seconds to complete the challenge, unlike the usual 2 minutes.

Prince was a step away from winning the challenge with Erica being the only housemate yet to take the challenge.

Erica took the challenge but was a bit distracted by the housemate while trying to move through the steps. At the end of the game, Biggie declared her the winner of the contest. With this victory, she is now immune to eviction this week and she now has exclusive access to the HoH lounge.

Then, the very big decision for her was choosing her deputy.

Erica nominated Kiddwaya as her deputy head of house which means she will have to share the HoH luxury lounge with him for the week. She picked Laycon as her second option while Praise as her third option.