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Neo’s Expensive Sacrifice for Love, Creating a Rendition & Food Fights – All that Happened on #BBNaija Day 30



Neo’s expensive sacrifice for love

Love is sweet but na money make am sweeter! How much is Neo able to pay to prove his love for Vee? Let’s find out.

Tomorrow is Vee’s birthday and a few days ago Neo made a special request to Big Brother. He requested for flowers to present to Vee tomorrow. Today, Biggie instructed Kiddwaya to pass a message across to Neo on his request.

Biggie told Kiddwaya to ask Neo if he still wants flowers for Vee. If his answer is yes, then he must agree to trade two items for the flowers. As you may imagine, love isn’t cheap, neither are flowers and nothing is truly free in the Lockdown House. So how much will Neo pay to show his love for bae?

1597780592 34 screenshot 2020 08 18 at 20.51.03

Since he was instructed to keep it a secret between himself and Neo, Kiddwaya called Neo aside to pass across the message. He was to sacrifice all his BB Naira for the week and any of his personal belongings. We found it cute that immediately Neo was told what to do to get his request for bae granted, he didn’t waste a second as he went through his drawers and scouted for a shirt to sacrifice.

Kiddwaya went to deliver the first sacrifice to Biggie and then came back to tell Neo his second item to forgo – all his BB Naira for the week. As hard as that sounded, lover boy Neo didn’t hesitate to agree to Biggie’s terms and conditions. It seems Davido is right sha, when money enters, love is sweeter but, in this case, when BB Naira enters, love is the sweetest in the Lockdown House. We go love o!

1597780662 34 screenshot 2020 08 18 at 20.59.09

It seems Biggie’s rule to make this Task a secret, will not end up being so much of a secret because the moment Neo gave all the required items to Kiddwaya, he ran off to the Garden to reveal it to Ozo, Praise and Prince. Will Neo’s inability to keep his mouth on this Task keep him from getting his wishes from Biggie granted?

The Airtel musical presentation

Today, the Lockdown Housemates unleashed their Fuji, Appala, Reggae and R&B skills as they took us on a musical ride in the Task, courtesy of Airtel Nigeria. Let’s see who sang their way to victory.

As a way of promoting the *444# code, Airtel has also created a unique and lively song for the product. On this note, their Task for today was to further entrench the song in the minds of the populace by simply creating their own rendition of the song.

The teams according to the order in which they presented

Team one: Dorathy, Neo, Ozo and Wathoni.
Team two: Vee, Nengi, Laycon and Tolanibaj.
Team three: Praise, Prince, Lucy and Brighto.
Team four: Kiddwaya, Trikytee and Erica.

Now, let’s see how well your faves performed

Hello Nollywood!

They opened the floor in tonight’s presentation and entertained us from the second they began. First, Neo and Wathoni put on their acting caps as they explained that any other network asides Airtel, is a counterfeit. Next, Ozo and Dorathy joined the team as Dorathy gave us some fuji rap; who would have thought that she could give 9ice a run for his money?

1597775604 34 screen shot 2020 08 18 at 17.27.28

The outstanding voices

What happens when you put two amazing artistes in a team? Pure entertainment! With this team, it was no surprise seeing other Housemates join the performance as they sang and danced along to the rhythm. Starting with vee’s song rendition, team two gave us an amazing song and then when Laycon jumped on the beat with a drum and fuji vibes, it was tempting not to dance. Nengi and Tolanibaj also gave us some ‘ajasa’ and twerks.  One question, how were they able to combine all genres of music into their presentation? We need lessons abeg!

1597774183 34 screenshot 2020 08 18 at 17.36.48

The performers

Lucy started off the team’s presentation with some singing as the others joined her in the performance. They did not only come to show off their singing skills, but the members of team three also put their backs into the presentation as Praise, Brighto and Prince danced to Lucy’s rhythm.

1597775292 34 screenshot 2020 08 18 at 17.43.26

The comedians

Kiddwaya climbed on stage with so much confidence as he took us through a brief summary of their presentation… until things went south and lines were forgotten. Nonetheless, we didn’t fail to recognize Erica’s singing abilities and also how Trikytee tried within his power to salvage the situation. Let’s just say their performance was truly an entertaining one as they gave us comical relief. Or could everything just be a part of their drama? At least they gave us some mad shaku shaku 🔥

1597775469 34 screenshot 2020 08 18 at 17.48.07

A charity win for team 4 meta

Biggie gave the winner’s brief to Kiddwaya and the winning team was announced in the Lounge. Congratulations to team 4 meta on winning two million Naira, which will provide materials worth the amount to any charity cause of their choice.

While we wait for Airtel Nigeria to release this jingle on all music platforms, let’s keep dancing to “444 is a metaphor”.

Creating a rendition

The Housemates have a rendition to make and they have to put in their very best.

Making a remix or delivering a rendition of a song is a lot harder than it seems and the Housemates found out today. But it was only for a moment before the got into the rhythm of things and started belting out amazing renditions of the Airtel Nigeria song they were supposed to recreate. Not only did they overcome the initial bump of making up a fancy tune, but they also made it fun as they sang and beatboxed in preparation for their Task.

Coming up with a tune

The Lockdown Geng each had the option of choosing Reggae, R&B, Apala or Fuji as a matching tune for their renditions. Since they had no musical instrument, a lot of it rested on their ability to improvise and improvise they did. From beating their chests to banging on household objects, the Housemates were able to make tunes to go along with their songs.

The vibe is alive

Once each team got the melody sorted, it was smooth sailing as they vibed to their tune with catchy and funny lyrics. On and on they sang while interjecting with new lyrics and flows that could give them an edge over their other teammates. Since the Task called for originality, creativity, teamwork and brand integration, a lot of attention was paid to details especially the lyrics to make sure they ticked off every item on the criteria list.

Don’t copy us

The struggle to keep original ideas was real as each team kept it hush during practice. Dorathy’s crew had to keep the rest of the Housemates from using the restroom for a while just to make sure their ideas weren’t jacked by the other teams. Laycon’s team kept it hush and even went do their choreography rehearsals in a secluded section. Praise and Kiddwaya’s team took refuge in the bedrooms as they practised.

1597780307 34 screenshot 2020 08 18 at 14.46.37 1

We can’t wait to see the Housemates when they deliver their presentation for the Task. Will it be as epic as we expect it to be or will all this practice be in vain.

The Airtel Nigeria song Task

It’s time for another Task and the BBNaija Housemates have to sing their way to a victory.

For today’s Task, the Housemates were asked to create a rendition of Airtel Nigeria’s *444# song. *444# is a one mobile channel code that allows all Airtel customers to recharge from multiple bank accounts by just dialling the code. The code already has its a unique and lively song, but it’s up to the Housemates to create a fun rendition of it.

Getting set

The Housemates were required to divide themselves into four groups. Three groups will consist of four members while the last group will have only 3 members. Each group must also consist of both male and female housemates. Each team had to choose a unique name for themselves and their song should be in line with the song.

The teams

All the groups have five hours to come up with their own cover of the song and may adopt Fuji, Apala, Reggae or R&B and accompany it with a choreographed dance. Immediately the allotted time elapses, the Housemates will make their way into the Arena to make their presentations and they will each have 10 minutes to do this.

1597755249 34 black festival fall promotional twitter post

Judging the Presentation

Their presentations will be judged by the following criteria:

  • Originality
  • Creativity
  • Teamwork
  • Brand integration

Each of these criteria carries five points, and each point is worth a hundred thousand Naira. So should they score four points in one criterion, they will earn four hundred thousand Naira. This applies to all the other criteria. The winning team will win the sum calculated from the points they earn and Airtel will provide material worth the amount for the team to donate to any charity cause of their choice.

Kiddwaya is in command

It’s the morning after Kiddwaya was crowned BBNaija Head of House and he seems to have everything in control.

Thou shall not eat till you finish cleaning

These were the words Praise greeted the Housemates with as they made their way to the kitchen. He made it known that it wasn’t on his watch that Housemates will make a mess of the kitchen while he cleaned. This seemed to go well with everyone as they all soon went off to tackle their different Tasks leaving Lucy and Praise to continue cleaning the kitchen.

1597745270 34 screenshot 2020 08 18 at 10.07.13

Grilled by the Deputy

Tolanibaj has taken up the role of the Deputy Head of House and this role also requires she comes down hard on defaulting Housemates when it came to their duties. She did hit the ground rolling this morning as she showed her disapproval about how Trikytee handled his cleaning Task this morning. “Does that room look presentable to you… Are you telling me that’s the best you can do?”, she asked disappointed at the shoddy job Trikytee did. A cooperative Trikytee immediately went back to make sure he did the task as requested by Tolanibaj.

1597745375 34 screenshot 2020 08 18 at 09.31.23

Catching Cruise

Catching up on life in the House, Laycon responded that there was nothing between him and Wathoni when asked by Tolanibaj. He did like her but it was nothing too deep or in any way similar to the way he liked Erica. Even though Brighto suggested he find a distraction, he didn’t think it would have been appropriate to treat another Housemate as a rebound. Besides, he didn’t believe he could like anyone that way. As far as he was concerned, it was all a cruise in the House now. When prodded further though, he admitted that if there was someone else he would have bonded with while in the House, it would have been Lilo.

1597745432 34 screenshot 2020 08 18 at 10.13.31

So far, it seems Kiddwaya might have the working formulae. He kept reminding the Housemates to wash their cutleries as soon as they finished cooking or eating to make sure the kitchen remained sparkling clean. But this is just the first day, how long will he keep up with this working formula. Will the Housemates rebel or continue to fall in line?

More food fights

It looks like the Housemates will always fight about food in the Big Brother House.

You thought it was over right? It seems food wars will be a constant in the House as is to be expected with so many different individuals in one place.

Yesterday after Kiddwaya’s magnificent HoH win he chose Tolanibaj to be his deputy, which she gladly accepted. This is not all, Kiddwaya is also the custodian of a big secret in the House which the Housemates do not know, and if he can keep it a secret, he is in for a reward from Biggie.

As his first order of the day, Kiddwaya decided that everyone should eat communally. This didn’t go down well with all of the Housemates. Here’s what happened when he made that announcement.

Why would they eat together?

Kiddwaya explained to the Housemates that when they ate together at the table in their first week in the House, they seemed happier. He told Tolanibaj that everyone should eat as a family, asking her to speak to the girls and he would speak to the guys. Many of the Housemates mentioned in the Diary Session earlier that they missed Ka3na because she cooked for everyone and now more and more people had to fend for themselves. Kiddwaya wanted to bring the camaraderie back into the House, which resulted in many people waiting beyond their normal eating time for food.

1597715772 34 screenshot 2020 08 17 at 22.52.26

The guys were hangry

Kiddwaya went to talk to Praise and Laycon about the issue, telling them why he wanted to start this initiative. The guys were not welcoming of the idea at all as both of them were hungry. Laycon was very vocal, telling Kiddwaya that he could not wait for that one meal. The two told Kiddwaya that they wanted the process to be fair. It was not fair as it stood because there would be people who would cook for their friends. Kiddwaya tried to explain that during his regime, there would be communal food so that the Housemates could create some kind of solidarity. The fight got heated and in the end, Kiddwaya walked away from Praise who refused to calm down.

1597716099 34 screenshot 2020 08 18 at 00.03.41

Confusion at the dinner table

When the time to dish came, the Housemates entered a state of confusion not knowing who was eating now or who was going to save food for later or tomorrow. During this confusion, it became clear that not everyone would sit at the table and eat together. Some ate at the table, others ate outside, others did not eat at all. It also turned out there was not enough food of each variety for everyone to get some and some had to make do with what was left.

1597716162 34 screenshot 2020 08 18 at 01.00.02

Whose food is whose?

Later in the evening while Praise and Laycon were still outside, Vee asked Erica where she had taken two stew packs. Apparently, while the Housemates were all trying to dish out food, Vee saw Erica take the stew packs to the HoH Lounge. The conversation looked like it was about to turn into a fight until Erica calmed the situation quickly by telling Vee that she only took portions to the HOH Lounge. Vee looked satisfied until she went to Tolanibaj and told her that she was very upset by the situation in general. Tolanibaj quelled the situation by telling Vee that she would talk to Kiddwaya about it in the evening.

It seems like food will continue to be an issue for Housemates in the House. Let’s keep an eye to see if the kitchen will continue to sometimes be a battlefield.

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