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Everything You Need To Know About Instagram “Reels” & How It Works

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Instagram is introducing a new way to create and discover short, entertaining videos with its new feature tagged “Reels”.

The feature is being made available across 50 countries, such as the U.S, India, Brazil, France, Germany, the U.K., Japan, Australia, Spain, Mexico, Argentina and several others.

The launch of Reels comes as TikTok’s future in the US remains uncertain, as the Trump administration weighs a potential ban on the app.

Here’s how Reels works:

To create a new reel, select the option at the bottom of the Instagram Camera, next to Story. The editing tools then pops up on the left side of the screen, which is where you’ll find the AR effects and other options, like the timer, speed and align features.

You can record videos up to 15 seconds long and add music will you can share with friends and followers. It also feature an array of filters and effects.

For creators looking to use Instagram reels as a new way to build a following, Instagram has revamped its explore page to create a specific landing spot for reels at the top of the screen that people can vertically scroll through.

Private and public options are available. Just incase you want only your friends to view your content, reels created under private accounts will only post to a person’s feed and stories.

Like other Instagram posts, reels can be saved to drafts while they’re a work in progress.

Reels can also be captioned and hashtagged, and friends can be tagged. When published to Stories, they’ll disappear in 24 hours.

Know more about the new feature here.

Here’s how it looks:

Photo Credit: Instagram