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Latasha Ngwube is All About Body Positivity on Accelerate TV’s “The Cover”



In August’s edition of Accelerate TV‘s “The Cover,” multidimensional media queen and body positivity activist Latasha Ngwube, popularly known by the moniker Latasha Lagos opens up about life as she discusses all that she has done, what she is doing, and how she is destined to do so much more.

“I am a girl with a dream to inspire people around me, one body at a time, to be anything and go for everything. A girl from Nnewi who wants to be happy and light up the world”.

Get inspired as she dishes on her achievements so far; most especially About the Curvy Life- the global inclusive movement which revolutionized the fashion industry that for so long catered to certain body types. A movement that paved the way for a number of the fashion greats!

A space dedicated to celebrating and empowering all body sizes. “Body positivity says you cannot only look at me and think that this is all of me…there’s more to me than what you think that you see.”

She is also the owner of the “Curvy Monroe” a fashion line that caters to plus-sized females.

To know Latasha is to know a force who is well aware of her worth, on her tips for people dealing with insecurities or body shaming issues “You have to be kinder to yourself… You must be appreciative of the legs that carry you, the arms that do work for you, the stomach that holds food for you.

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On who Latasha Lagos is

I’m just a girl with a big dream to do everything and die empty when I leave this world. I want to write more, I want to read more, travel more, design more, do so much..interior, act, I wish I could sing, present more, do more tv… Basically Latasha Lagos is that person who inspires people, lights up the world, and gives people joy…

On what beauty means to her

Beauty to me, apart from the external and the aesthetic you see, is moments of joy… Moments I hold on to that sometimes make me laugh, or make me cry. I find a lot of beauty in those times…

About ‘That Curvy Life’ movement?

ABOUT THAT CURVY LIFE was created as a safe space for women and men who don’t fall under the construct that society has set in terms of the standard of looks and size. It was borne out of my early days as a writer- being unable to find people that could showcase a certain kind of physique…

People who looked like me and people who did not fall under fashion rules of the right kind of body… ATCL was borne to fill that gap, to create content from here to the diaspora to report content from the diaspora to here…

As a movement, it was to help people find each other and connect and inspire and encourage and build so that they understand that you can be anything and everything and nothing is beyond your reach just because of how people think or say you look.

Read the full interview here


Creative Director@tokyojamess
Hair: MaryTJ Hair x @synthiana_beautyparlour

Latasha wears @thecurvymonroe and @weizdhurmfranklyn

Latasha’s bubbly nature and infectious laugh will have you smiling from the onset and throughout the interview.

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