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Lights, Camera & a Showdown on Stage – Get the Lowdown on #BBNaija Day 52



Lights! Camera! Showmax!

The Housemates bring their acting skills to the stage for the Showmax talent show.

It was a triple dose of entertainment as the Housemates divided into three teams gave an elaborate reenactment of TV shows for the Showmax Talent Show. The teams were Team Game of Thrones, Team Power and Team Suits. All aptly named after TV shows showing on the Showmax platform.

How it went down

After days of preparation, the Housemates finally stepped on stage to showcase all they had prepared for. Each team had a duration of 30 minutes to present their talent show and they made good use of each second. The show featured show hosts and two assistant hosts, and a judging panel of three housemates. Working in teams, each team took turns in playing the role of show hosts, assistant hosts and judges.

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Showdown on stage

Team Game of Thrones went first with Vee, Trikytee and Laycon delivering a stellar performance as they reenacted a scene from Game of Thrones. Next was Team Suits consisting of Ozo, Nengi and Neo who turned the stage to a courtroom as they performed a scene from Suits TV show. Finally, Kiddwaya, Dorathy and Prince went all gangsta on stage as they gave their own reenactment of the Power TV show.

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The Housemates have to wait for a bit for the winner of this Task to be announced, but in our book, they are all winners and we can’t wait to see some of them take up movie roles.

Who is to blame again?

The Big Brother Housemates used their Diary Session to discuss who among them could be to blame if they don’t win their next Wager. Here’s more from that chat.

The only thing more fun than watching the Housemates practice for their upcoming Showmax Task is hearing who they think might ruin their Wager in a Diary Room Session. Here is what they said when the knew only Biggie was listening.


After telling Biggie that she was feeling good, she shared that it has been a long day of preparing for the Task. Nengi would put the blame on herself if the Wager goes a wrong saying “I can only put the blame on myself, everyone else is trying hard. I don’t think anyone else has been careless. Mistakes are bound to happen. We are human beings. The only carelessness has been from me. Moving forward I’m going to be as careful as possible.”

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After confidently proclaiming that he was ready to take over the world, Kiddwaya shared that he was doing his best, working hard in rehearsals, and planning on going even harder for the performance. His response to the who could be to blame scenario was “One of the girls…Nengi or Vee, The boys don’t argue. Only Nengi and Vee have an issue. Girls are very stubborn and they find it hard to forgive. If Nengi and Vee go through that altercation again, then we will lose it. If they don’t forgive each other.“


Dorathy shared that she was also feeling upbeat about the Wager. If she had to guess who could cost the Housemate’s the Wager, her answer was Nengi, but otherwise, she doesn’t know who else could be at fault.

1599757267 34 screenshot 2020 09 10 at 15.46.49


After sharing that the preparation was exciting, Ozo jumped straight into the problem of who is to blame if they fail. He mentioned that he wouldn’t use the word careless to blame the person whose costs them the Wager. He said he would use the word carefree, and the person he would use it to describe is Kiddwaya. He added that it wouldn’t be his fault but rather his nature.

1599763241 34 screenshot 2020 09 10 at 16.03.29

The Showmax Wager presentation is almost here and we all just want to see how well it goes. See it all unfold on Big Brother Naija.


After telling Biggie that he is feeling good, he shared that his team is trying to encompass the Nigerian flavour into their Wager preparation. As for who could cost them the Wager he said that everyone has been quite self-disciplined about it, but it would be Nengi.


After sharing with Biggie that he is Optimistic about the week, he added that he hoped that by the grace of God he would be there on Monday. His response on what could cost them the Wager was the Vee and Nengi situation.

1599752046 34 screenshot 2020 09 10 at 14.26.23


After sharing that she is feeling exhausted because yesterday was a long day, Vee shared that her team was still trying to figure out the Nigerian twist for their Task. She also felt that the House isn’t on track to win the Wager because they don’t have their infringements on track. She added that they have a big issue with listening to instructions and if anyone was to blame for losing it would most likely be Kiddwaya or Ozo for his careless behaviour with his Microphone.


The Deputy Head of House let Biggie know that he is having a great day because preparing for the Showmax Task has been fun. When quizzed about who might cost them the Wager, he couldn’t think of anyone who would mess up their chances.

1599752147 34 screenshot 2020 09 10 at 15.03.34


The Head of House shared that he is feeling good and especially excited about skipping Eviction class on Sunday. Trikytee then shared that his picks for the people to blame for a Wager loss would be Nengi, Vee, and Ozo because they do things that might make the group infringe on the rules.

With the Showmax Wager presentation just around the corner, we all wait with bated breath to see if the preparations were worthwhile and if their Wager predictions come true. Stay Tuned to Africa’s biggest show to see how it all turns out.

Good beginnings and bad endings

The Big Brother Housemates turned a promising start into a disappointing finish. Here’s a look at why working out didn’t work out for them today.

If the mark of a true winner is not how they start, but by how they finish, then the Brother Housemates didn’t have winning time at the gym today. No two days are alike and if the Housemates had more days like these, their beautiful figures would be a thing of the past.

A good start
Besides the usual suspect Prince warming up with laps, Dorathy, Neo, Vee, Trikytee, Ozo, Nengi, Kiddwaya, and serial sitter Laycon also got the blood pumping with some brisk strides around the Arena. Laycon was the snail of the squad, but then again how fast could he be expected to go in sandals?

1599730386 34 screenshot 2020 09 10 at 08.28.51 1

Where it went wrong
When warm-up was done, some Housemates decided their workout was done while others decided it was just starting. On team finished was Laycon who benched himself, and Dorathy who decided that Yoga mat is a mattress. On team keep it up was Neo and Vee who seemed to be back together and they crunched their way to flatter bellies. Also keeping the workout going was Ozo and Nengi who did squats together until Nengi tapped out and joined Dorathy’s yoga mattress plan.

After a few inclined dips, Kiddwaya also decided that enough was enough and joined Laycon in perfecting his sitting posture.

1599731124 34 screenshot 2020 09 10 at 08.29.31

The die-hards
As gym time wrapped up the last men left working were Trikytee and Prince who weren’t together for a change. If staying power ever needed a mentor, these two would be a great choice.  

1599732341 34 screenshot 2020 09 10 at 08.29.04

A weak finish in the gym isn’t a problem if the Housemates don’t carry the behaviour on to other activities. Find out if they can shake off their laziness by staying tuned to Big Brother Naija Season 5.

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