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All about Burna Boy, Fela, Sowore & TwitterNG’s Trending Topic

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It all began on Monday night after Omoyele Sowore tweeted at Burna Boy to join him in his planned anti-government protest scheduled for Thursday.

The organisers of the #RevolutionNow protest, last week announced plans to hold a mass action against poor governance in Nigeria on October 1.

According to the group’s plan, the protest march will take place in all 36 states across Nigeria as well as some places in London, Sweden, Netherlands, San Francisco, New York, Washington DC, Germany and Canada. The Lagos protest would take place at the Gani Fawehinmi Park, Ojota, at 8 AM.

Well, Burna Boy turned down the invitation to partake in the protest. Since then, Burna Boy, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, and Sowore have been trending on TwitterNG.

In a series of tweets, Sowore said he realised Burna Boy is often compared to the late legendary Afrobeat musician, but he’s yet to see him “lead anyone to a police station carrying a coffin for head of state.”

Hello @burnaboy, everywhere I turn people describe you as a revolutionary musician, the foreign media even celebrate you compare you to Fela Kuti, but I am yet to see you lead anyone to a police station carrying a coffin for head of state! Join #Oct1stProtest #RevolutionNow.

Unsurprisingly, the tweets caught the Internet’s eye and Twitter users.

In his response, Burna Boy tweeted back at Sowore, dismissing the invitation and insisting that all politicians (including Sowore) are all the same.

“Everybody is a Fela fan and supporter now that he is dead. Humans are so Funny, You politicians are ALL the same (especially in Nigeria) and Frankly, I don’t trust none of you.@YeleSowore,” he tweeted.

Sowore then, replied saying: “I am not just one of the persons who you could describe as“Fela’s fan after he died,” I am a member of Fela’s household, ask @RealSeunKuti, as a students’ leader in the 90s I met and hung out with Abami Eda at home and the African shrine! If you want to be Fela be Fela.”

Here’s how: folks are debating Burna Boy and Sowore’s conversation on Twitter, going back and forth on if either of them were right or not. Somehow, some have managed not to pick a side but insist the self-acclaimed ‘African Giant’ should get off his high horse, for once claiming Abami Eda lives in him but isn’t agreeing to a protest.

While some are saying whatever way Burna Boy feels to represent Fela, is his business, and shouldn’t be guilt-tripped into political activism because he projects Fela or says he’s Fela inspired.

Check out the tweets:

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