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There’s an Update In the Assault Suit against Senator Elisha Abbo

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Months ago the magistrate court in Zuba dismissed the case of the alleged assault against Adamawa-North lawmaker Elisha Abbo, after a video showing him assaulting a womanOsimibibra Warmate, on May 11, 2019, went viral.

The case was dismissed on the grounds that, the police failed to prove that the lawmaker assaulted Warmate, in spite of the viral video, two witnesses who testified against Abbo, and an apology from the senator admitting his wrong.

Well, there’s now an update on the case.

According to the lawyers identified as Nelson and Lugard Tare-Otu who represented Warmate in court, they shared on Twitter that, the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory has found Elisha Abbo responsible and has ordered him to pay 50 million Naira to the woman.

This judgement is said to come after Osimibibra Warmate initiated a civil claim for damages.