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Hilda Dokubo is Taking a Stand Against the new Patron of the Actors Guild of Nigeria – Elisha Abbo



Nine months ago, Elisha Abbo, a senator representing Adamawa was caught on camera physically assaulting a nursing mother at a sex toy shop.

Recently, the same senator was appointed the patron of Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), and veteran actress Hilda Dokubo has spoken out against the appointment.

Taking to her Instagram, the actress noted that he isn’t the right person to be given this position, as she recalls how he assaulted a lady in a sex toy shop at Abuja.

In her words:

Cut the crap

An abuser of women as Patron of Actors Guild of Nigeria is an unpardonable abuse of the rights of all the females in the creative space especially #actors. We must stop every attempt at rubbishing our values as a people with such appointments in whatever guise. Consequently, Senator Abbo #sextoysenator must be delisted from our list of Patrons now.

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  1. Temi Tope

    March 18, 2020 at 3:10 pm

    Please, Madam Hilda don’t be jealous.. Indeed Elisha is right.. What does a NURSING MUM have to do at a SEX TOY?? what message is she sending to her child? No I don’t think she is a Women Abuser.. She is rather a Child educator. Let’s be serious and honest with ourselves. A sex toy and you are nursing your baby there?
    Madam Hilda, as much as I love you and with all due respect: Dont’ call this woman a WOMEN ABUSER.. Because she is not.

    Thank yo

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