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#TogetherAtHome: The Coronavirus Has Millions in Quarantine | Here’s How People Are Passing the Time



Italy, South Africa, the United States – so much of the world is in quarantine (social distancing) to “flatten the curve” by reducing the spread of the coronavirus that has been declared an epidemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Offices and schools have been closed, social events have been canceled or postponed, and now people have to find creative ways to pass the time. And creative ways they have found!

Videos and photos on social media show how folks in Italy, New York, Johannesburg are surviving isolation. How they’re finding comfort in other humans despite the absence of the ever comforting physical touch, how musicians are providing both entertainment and upliftment by live-streaming home concerts, or how parents are surviving the presence of rowdy kids home from school while they try to catch up from work.

See photos and videos from all over the world:

And although the Nigerian government hasn’t declared it, it’s important we stay safe by reducing social and physical interactions, guys. The virus spreads like nothing else, and the best way to survive is to prevent its spread.

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