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#BellaNaijaMCM Vincent Edigin of Traindemy is Providing an Online-Offline Blend of Vocational Training for Nigerians

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There are numerous barriers to achieving Sustainable Development Goal 8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth – in Africa: there’s unemployment, because there aren’t that much jobs; then there’s underemployment, pay-checks are way less than the value people bring into the establishment; and then there are unskilled workers for the available jobs.

Our #BellaNaijaMCM this week Vincent Edigin is contributing his quota combating the above problem and ensure economic growth by improving the lives of Africa’s most major demographic – its youth.

Vincent is the CEO of Traindemy, which he founded in 2014 with his friends, Tijani Aniwura (CTO), Tolu Adegoke (COO). Traindemy is an online and offline learning platform offering vocational, occupational and professional skills to help people future-proof their lives. Traindemy provides access to training through its mobile app, website, as well as offline to achieve inclusiveness.

Vincent had worked as a banker, blogger, and co-founder of a startup while running a photography and videography business. During one of his photography jobs for a client who makes shoes with Ankara prints (which the client planned to send to a student in another location), Vincent had a light-bulb moment and decided to create a platform where this is the norm. That was how Traindemy was born.

Traindemy wants to create an ecosystem of skilled youths who are self-reliant and productive. It’s mission is simple: to bridge the gap between master and apprentice, mentor and protege and expand the access to quality education.

Traditionally, experts and masters have passed on their skills to apprentices physically. Location was always a barrier to entry, as these reputable masters could only provide the learning in one place. Talented, motivated and interested students were denied the opportunity to learn from the best. Traindemy wants to change that. It’s bringing the experts and professionals closer to their students/potential students than ever, helping them pass on their skills to much more people.

Today, Traindemy has thousands of students taking courses in tailoring, woodcraft, poultry management, writing, dancing, among others.

Traindemy was one of the 200 platforms selected for Forbes’ first Digital Startup Accelerator Program in 2020. Vincent holds a B.Eng degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Benin.

We celebrate Vincent for contributing his quota to personal and economic development in Nigeria and we’re rooting for him and the team at Traindemy.

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