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MyAwayHome announces Company Rebrand as they evolve with a New Name – Bongalow



MyAwayHome, an online marketplace providing diaspora mortgage solutions for African immigrants living in the US and the UK seeking to acquire property in their home country, today announced a major rebranding to reflect the company’s evolution into an all-encompassing, Africa-focused, digital mortgage platform which also includes changing their name to BONGALOW.

Bongalow is designed in such a way that digitizes the entire mortgage process. The Company matches mortgage applicants with mortgage lenders most suited for them and creates a competitive environment amongst lenders seeking to lure applicants towards doing business with them. The Company’s approach creates a transparent process and ensures mortgage applicants secure the best terms.

Kelechi Nwokocha, Chief Executive Officer at Bongalow, said, “We’ve seen a remarkable rise recently in the demand for our services locally and this made us realize that it was time to pivot and evolve to a place where we provide both African immigrants and those at home a solution to help source and finance property acquisitions. It was simply a natural evolution and we are excited about making affordable home financing more accessible for every African”.

 Typically, it takes a while for businesses especially in our niche to see this type of growth as a lot of trust is involved and sometimes people love to see a long history of successful transactions before coming on board,” adds Nwokocha, “Our vision has always been to methodically build out the talent, distribution, and infrastructure to address this acute need in one place. We’ve put together the deepest and richest end-to-end solution set in the market to manage the complexities of data, technology, and market nuances in order to drive business success for our customers. With this launch, we are now unifying all these assets behind a clear, clean revitalized brand.

The best way to illustrate the new brand Bongalow is to experience the work we are currently doing for our customers, who have had success harnessing the power of our online mortgage origination platform to acquire their dream homes no matter where in the world they reside,” says Nwokocha.

Ebovi Wali, Corporate Development & Partnerships Lead of Bongalow says, “We uniquely have the capabilities to make connections that match people to the best mortgage solutions for them and in doing so we get sustainable results for our clients. This consolidation of capabilities provides the reimagined Bongalow brand with added strengths that allow us to define an entirely new space and become an all-encompassing mortgage provider for clients both at home and abroad.

The rebranding includes a top-to-bottom redesign of the company’s website, logo, graphics, communications, and correspondence. Bongalow’s new brand assets include a simplified new logo, along with a new website and other visual communications that utilize simple, bold graphics to convey complex solutions in an understandable way.

At Bongalow, we make it easy for Africans both at home and abroad to secure a mortgage in order to buy a property. There is a mortgage for everyone, even if it means helping you to achieve the savings goal required to secure a tailored solution.

 Contact info:
‘Lola Daniyan
Company URL
Phone: +234-809-951-8140
Whatsapp: +1-646-493-9442
Email[email protected]

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