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Naomi Campbell Answers Interesting Questions from her Biggest Fans



From how she is doing, her favourite food, her favourite books and how she has been coping with the pandemic to her stay in Nigeria and how she feels when she’s in Africa, Naomi Campbell who is currently in Kenya answers questions from her biggest fans in this video.

Concerning how she has been coping with the pandemic, she says,

Just having time to reflect, to do the things that I’ve not ever gotten the time to do. Keeping up with loved ones. I’ve travelled, but not at the speed I used to travel. I’m now in the African continent and I’m just enjoying nature, really. The simple things in life that we’ve so taken for granted is what I’m grateful for.

Concerning her stay in Nigeria, she says,

My stay in Nigeria was very hectic but great. Full of creativity. Did so many great things that came out, of course, Arise, which you’ve seen. For me, getting to work with talent that’s of my culture, that’s of my skin colour has been rare in my 34-year career. So I am just like embracing it and you know, at this point where I’m able to choose who I want to work with, thankfully, and just being interpreted in a new way is always thrilling for me. So I’m looking forward for you all seeing it and seeing what you all think.

Watch the video below:

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