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Love, Beach & Fun! Cardi B & Offset are Having a Lovely Baecation



So sweet!

American rapper Offset took his lovey wife Cardi B on an amazing trip to celebrate Valentines and to help take her “mind off work for a lil bit and live life” and we’re here for all the cuteness.

Cardi shared photos from the trip in an appreciation post to Offset, saying she wanted him to wake up seeing it. She wrote,

I want you to wake up seeing this. Thank you, baby, for this amazing trip. You’re right, sometimes I gotta slow down and live a little. I have such a New York mentality I’m always thinking about the work and chasing that money but when you think fast you’re mind might crash. Being a artist comes with more than just music and videos it comes with a business. Thank you for setting me up for the right path for me not to fuck up ever again. I love you @offsetyrn

Cardi shared more photos from the trip with the caption, “Thank you again, baby, for this beautiful trip @offsetyrn.Your right I need to take my mind off work for a lil bit and live life. I can’t wait for the rest of the day (even tho I’m still drunk from last night ?)Love & appreciate you ❤️”

Photo Credit: @iamcardib

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