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Dear Naturalistas, Cantu has these Tips on how to grow your Natural Hair

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When it comes to natural hair, how to grow it and retain that length is the most popular question we get asked.

It may be hard to believe but afro hair growth is no slower than any other hair texture. Hair in general (including afro hair) grows at the rate of half an inch a month, but shrinkage and breakage give the impression of slow hair growth. So what’s the best way to gain and retain those long luscious coils you’ve been wishing for? Cantu has got you.


If your hair is very fragile and breaks easily, your first step is to work out the causes. What’s missing from your routine, or what are you doing that could be causing your coils damage? Analyze your hair care routine, check out the ingredients of the products you are using on your hair, and evaluate your go-to hairstyles. Chances are small changes will make a huge difference.


Split ends have got to go. The longer you leave split ends the higher they travel up the hair shaft, damaging more of that length you are looking for. Cantu’s Split End Mender Conditioning Mist is made with a pure shea butter formula that conditions and repairs split ends and works wonders on transitioning hair. Follow with a trim every 8-12 weeks to keep your hair healthy and you’re well on your way to gaining the length you desire. 


We cannot stress this enough. Moisture is your hair’s BFF and it needs lots of it to stay healthy. Using water-based, sulfate-free hair products helps reduce breakage, and reduced breakage equals length. Cantu’s Sulfate-Free Cleansing Cream Shampoo and Hydrating Cream Conditioner set you up for nourished hair from the get-go. This award-winning washday duo moisturizes dry brittle hair and prevents split ends and breakages while gently cleansing and conditioning your coils. A nourishing leave-in conditioner like Cantu’s Leave-In Conditioning Cream is also a must if you want stronger hair.


If deep conditioning is not a part of your usual weekly wash day routine, then your washday isn’t complete! Deep conditioning gives your hair a vital moisture boost and nourishes the strands from the inside out. Cantu’s Deep Treatment Masque penetrates deep into the hair shaft to restore and strengthen dry, damaged hair. If you really want to grow long afro hair this year steam your hair for even better results!


While a big, full-on afro look is bae, wearing protective styles is the key to growing longer, healthier hair. A good protective style is one that keeps the ends of your hair protected, it’s as simple as that.

It ensures your hair has minimal exposure to the causes of breakage like excessive daily styling, friction, and the weather. Braids, twists, or wigs and weaves are all great ways to keep your hair concealed and retain that length. And while you’re protecting your hair don’t forget those edges! Your edges and baby hairs are the most fragile so don’t pull or put pressure on them when styling, it’s best to leave them alone. Use edge control to keep them looking neat and chic.

Cocktail Cantu’s Coconut Curling Cream with their Moisturizing Twist & Lock Gel to create poppin’ protective styles that are defined, frizz-free and manageable. A simple two-strand twist will have you looking sleek between wash days while shielding your coils from stress. Finish off with Cantu’s Extra Hold Edge Stay Gel to keep those edges conditioned and in place and you’re all set for hair happiness.

A few other tips to practice:

  • Limit the use of heat on your hair
  • Sleep with a satin bonnet or pillowcase
  • Drink lots of water

When it comes to natural hair growth the key is time and patience. Your hair will keep growing, all you have to do is work on making sure you give it the care, love, and attention it needs to grow into the crown of coils you fully deserve.

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