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How to Free Yourself from Frizz

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2021 is at its hottest, and the one coil conundrum we all encounter at this time of year is frizzy hair. Frizz is a well-known problem to naturalistas, and it’s generally caused by a lack of moisture.

What Causes Frizz?
Hair, in general, produces oil called sebum which lubricates the strands, but in the case of afro hair, the oil has trouble spreading evenly along the hair fibres due to its coily nature. Without this oil, the hair cuticle opens up and lets air in, which then results in hair becoming dry and brittle. Controlling frizz is doable, you just have to be consistent with your technique. We know how daunting it can be, so we’ve come up with our favourite tips for saying farewell to frizz!

Now to the Solutions!

Moisture is your hair’s best friend, there are no two ways about it. For ultimate hydration using the LOC (liquid-oil-cream) or LCO (Liquid-cream-oil) method goes a long way to getting your coils moisturized. Whether you decide to go LOC or LCO, incorporating this into your wash day routine is a great way to combat frizz. The liquid part is easy as water is the ultimate source of hydration. Follow with Cantu’s Conditioning Creamy Hair Lotion and Dry Deny Moisture Seal Gel Oil in your order of preference and you’re well on your way to frizz control.

A big perk of afro hair is that it doesn’t require daily washing. Shampooing your hair every day could actually strip your hair of its natural oils and is a big no-no if frizz is a problem for you. Depending on your hair type and lifestyle washing your hair with shampoo once a week is preferable. On days in-between when you need a bit of extra cleansing using Cantu’s Complete Conditioning Co-Wash gently cleanses your coils and scalp while infusing your hair fibres with moisture.

Conditioner, and lots of it! The general rule of thumb is conditioner can be used daily, deep conditioner once a week. Fighting frizz is all about infusing your hair with moisture, and a generous amount of moisturizing conditioner that detangles, smooths, and helps strengthen hair. With Cantu’s Leave-In Conditioning Cream you start at the ends of your hair and work your way to the roots, focusing on the area most prone to breakage and frizz, leaving your coils soft and manageable.
Your weekly deep conditioning treatment helps keep your hair super nourished. Cantu’s Deep Treatment Masque works in just 30mins and is a major help in combating frizz. Simply coat through your hair while it’s damp, leave to penetrate, and rinse with cool water to seal in the shea butter goodness.

Controlling frizz is not just about what you put into your hair, it’s also about the fibres you use on it. When drying avoid wringing or rubbing your hair with a. towel as that creates friction, always pat your hair dry. A microfiber towel or an old t-shirt are better drying tools for your coils as they don’t disturb the cuticle.
A little night-time pampering also works wonders. A silk or satin bonnet or a satin pillowcase reduces frizz friction that occurs when you toss and turn, and helps preserve moisture in the hair.

Clean hair, check. Conditioned, check. Once you’ve gone through all the trouble of getting the moisture in your hair, a great way to keep it in is with a protective style. Rocking braids or Bantu knots help keep the hair encased and protected. Cantu’s Moisturizing Twist & Lock Gel adds an extra layer of hydration and controls frizz all while keeping your style looking soft and shiny.

Moisture is a natural hair’s best friend, so find a frizz-fighting routine that works for you and invest in some hydrating products that will keep your curls poppin’ all year long.

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