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Chioma Akpotha now Sleeps Well at Night, Here’s Why – the Royal Luxury Pillow Top Mattress by Mouka



Nollywood star Chioma Akpotha was struggling with sleep, she would go to bed tired and wake up “tireder“. For the busy actress, producer and entrepreneur, that was pretty frustrating. Chioma decided to find a solution and she did! It’s the Royal Luxury Pillow Top Mattress by Mouka.

The recently launched product by one of Nigeria’s leading mattress brands, Mouka has now been given a first-class rating by the renowned actress. When expressing her first impression about the mattress, Chioma said she assumed that “Royal Pillow Top Luxury Mattress was imported because of its super-premium look and feel” – we are so glad that made in Nigeria excellence is shining through.

In a testimonial video, she described what it feels like sleeping on the Royal Luxury Pillow Top by Mouka. Chioma says “waking up is difficult as she doesn’t want to leave the warm embrace of her Royal mattress”. She added that sleeping on her Royal helps her wakeup energized and full of bounce. This, she says, is a far cry from her experience on her old mattress, which made her wake up tired and cranky.

According to Akpotha, the Royal Pillow Top Mattress has given her the best sleep experience she has ever had.

It is the most comfortable mattress ever; you don’t even need to argue. If you are looking for somebody to argue with, do that with your mattress that is giving you back pain and stress because you wake up tired and go to work grumpy,” she posits.

She asked consumers to experience the product first hand to understand what she is talking about.

Come and sleep on this mattress and give me your comments. It is simply amazing; it is the best. I don’t even know how to describe it to you; you need to experience it yourself. In fact, I had to order two more for my children”.

Speaking about the product, the Senior Brand and Innovation Manager, Mouka, Akeem Audu, said it is the true description of luxury at its finest. He pointed out that with a 10-year warranty, the pillow-top layer delicately contours your body, providing relief to all pressure points. The lush Pama fabric covering the mattress adjusts to the body temperature, keeping it cool all through the night.

Audu added that the mattress core is built with tempered and knotted Bonnell spring coils that ensure every part of your body gets the right support it needs.

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