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A Surprise Rooftop Proposal! Tolu & Femi’s #BNBling + Love Story

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There’s just too much to love about #BNBling moments. From all the thought that goes into making the moment so special to the excitement of popping the question, and the resounding “Yes!” that follows. The beautiful feeling of getting that one person to do life with together forever is one that can’t be undermined.

This was a very beautiful day for Tolu and Femi and we’re super stoked for them. It was Tolu’s birthday and it began like other birthdays, with her receiving all the love and pampering as the birthday girl. But with this birthday, came an element of surprise that left her absolutely speechless and excited. Over the most beautiful view and surrounded by lovely flowers, Femi went down on one knee and asked Tolu to spend the rest of her life with him. Of course, she said yes! The love birds met at an independence day hangout through a friend and now are on to the next phase of their love journey. Yes, the forever phase and you can just tell how excited the lovers are about it!

Keep scrolling to read their love story as narrated by Tolu, as well as how the whole proposal went down.  If you want some more, click here and have a field day.

How We Met
By the bride-to-be, Tolu

I met Femi on October 1st, 2016 while I was still an undergraduate at Bowling Green University. It was Nigerian Independence Day when a friend asked me to hang out at Femi’s apartment in Ohio. This date marked the beginning of our forever yet we didn’t know that! I then met Femi again at another hangout session where I admired how funny he was. This is my favourite thing about him to this day. The next time we met was fate written in the form of a cancellation. A friend was supposed to drop me off at the airport for my move to Texas but cancelled last minute. Then Femi volunteered to drive me without asking for gas money. ?

Fate then stepped in again 6 months later when Femi texted me that he was also moving to Texas due to work. I was super excited to have a friend to really hang out with! That was when the connection began and strangers became friends. I loved that Femi made me feel comfortable throughout our friendship and Femi would tell people that he loved how hardworking and selfless I am. He would even let me sleep on the bed while he slept on the living room couch on multiple occasions. The man is a gentleman and chivalry is definitely not dead! Sadly, that didn’t last because he had to move back to Maryland due to work again (where we both now have settled). However, because our bond was so strong, we kept in contact and had each other’s best interests at heart.

In March of 2019, I asked Femi to be my date to a friend’s wedding that he was already attending. See God working hard. ? As luck would have it, we were supposed to reserve an Airbnb with my friends but they all cancelled last minute. So, Femi booked a hotel for just the two of us.That night at the hotel, he tried to kiss me, and when I said no he didn’t even try again. (Can you imagine?? he just went to sleep jeje. Didn’t try anything while I was there forming hard to get by myself). But, at the wedding, Femi confessed his feelings to me and I realized this was my man and we started dating.

Our Proposal Story
By the bride-to-be, Tolu

For me and Femi, it was a long yet short story. With our beautiful son Andrew a.k.a “Star baby Drewshark”. But our lifetime began with Femi proposing to me on my birthday. Like always, he made my birthday extraordinary! It was definitely one of the most anxious days of his life. It started with shopping for rings with his sister, @mrstutcybaby. Femi and I are thankful to @damie_treasure for helping him find the perfect ring. After finding the ring, there was an issue with the delivery of the ring, with Zales wanting to change it to May 6th the day after our proposal. However, after he contacted Zales, all was quickly solved as if God knew that this was a moment written in the stars. We are also thankful to @jessicadansotv for helping make this day possible.

She helped with decorations, hiring a photographer, a videographer, a caterer, and finding the perfect location. She even helped set up a fake house for a spring rolls anniversary party. Finally, because the location is critical to him, Femi wants to thank @iamqueenceline for hosting the proposal at the gorgeous rooftop because the struggle was 100% real. On the day of the proposal, Femi did everything he could to annoy me on that day so I don’t suspect anything. Although we were 2 hours late to our event, and we are 100% sure DC will be sending us a speeding ticket, we wouldn’t change any of it for the world. Femi and I have known each other for 5 years and 2 of those years have been the happiest. I can wholeheartedly say, I am beyond lucky to have the best Femi in the world. I truly can not wait to spend many many more years with the love of my life.


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Bride-to-be: @adeola_ayaoba
Groom-to-be: @j_femi
Planner: @jessicadansotv
Decor: @sankofa_decor
Catering: @rr_catering_
Photography: @nanalee_images
Videography: @abduls_den
Saxophone: #uncleShola