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Listen to TY Bello’s New Album “Africa Awake” featuring Nathaniel Bassey, Folabi Nuel & Nosa

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TY Bello returns with a brand new album titled “Africa Awake“, featuring gospel minister, Nathaniel Bassey, Folabi Nuel and Nosa.

The album houses 11-tracks such as “Our King“, “Bring Us Together“, “We Raise Our Voices“, “In Your Majesty“.

“Africa Awake” follows up on her previous album “The Morning Songbook” which dropped in 2014.

Listen to the album below:

“Africa Awake” featuring TY Bello and Nathaniel Bassey


“Africa Your Weapon Is Love” featuring Mo Adegboye and Jean Emil

“As a Lion” featuring Monica Emil


“We Raise Our Voices” featuring Mario Bekhit, Monica Emil, and Raed Mounir


“In Your Majesty” featuring Jean Emil, Micheal Rasmey, Nardine Nabil, Raed Mounir and Jean Emil


“Yasou” featuring Nardine Nabil, Maged Mounir, and Sandra Saeed


“Who is Like You” featuring Maged Mounir, Nardine Nabil, Sandra Saeed and Jean Emil


“Antakowa” featuring Nayer Samir, Raed Mounir, Jean and Monica Emil


“Only Praise” featuring Nosa


“Our King” featuring Mario Bekhit

“Bring Us Together” featuring Folabi Nuel, Sandra Saeed, and Mario Bekhit

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