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Prince & Neo had Another “Back and Forth” in the 11th Episode of #BBNaija ‘Lockdown’ Reunion Show

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In last night’s episode of the Big Brother Naija season 5 Reunion Show, we watched Nengi‘s altercations with Kaisha and Lucy.

Explaining what she meant when she told Nengi to go and “play with the guys,” Lucy said she didn’t mean Nengi was flirting with the guys in the house, but it was about her “being a lady” and being able to stay on her own. She mentioned that she didn’t mean it when she said Nengi liked being touched by guys in the house, adding that it was a quarrel and she wanted to get at her.

Praise confronts Neo for Nominating him for Eviction

There was also a conversation between Praise and Neo. Praise said he didn’t understand why Neo nominated him the week he was evicted. He said he understood Nengi and Ozo nominating him because they said they wanted to eliminate a threat, and he had some issues with Kiddwaya around the time.

But to date, he doesn’t understand why Neo did that because, according to him, Neo had earlier told him to take care of Vee in the house if he (Neo) leaves for any reason, after he(Praise) saved him.

Restating what he had earlier told Praise, Neo said he did it because he thought Praise was loved in and outside the house and would be saved. He couldn’t have nominated Vee, because… love.

Neo added that Trikytee had been up for eviction several times and he wanted to give him a chance. So he was left with Wathoni and Praise. He nominated Praise together with Wathoni because he thought the housemates liked Praise and he might not be nominated. “Let somebody else save Praise. I’ll save Trikytee,” he thought.

The Neo and Prince altercation

Neo also had a back and forth with Prince who didn’t understand why he told Biggie he felt Prince was lying about some things he said about his dad during a task. Although Neo had tried to apologize earlier, Prince wasn’t having it because according to him, Neo was conscious when he made the statement.

Prince on how Neo apologised

Prince said after the finale, he told everyone on the bus that if anyone had said anything bad about him or wasn’t his friend in the house, they should maintain the same energy because he had seen it all.

He added that Neo met him later to tell him that he saw him as a competition and whatever he did in the house should be forgotten. He said he didn’t buy it because he felt like he was doing that in case he (Prince) might have anything, in terms of collaboration, to offer him.

After so much back and forth, Ebuka asked Vee’s opinion and she said Prince’s anger is not out of place. She added that she had no idea this was going on and Neo should have apologised directly, and even if Prince wouldn’t want to be his friend again afterwards, that’d be fine.

It was obvious Prince was hurt by that statement and more so because, according to him, he considered Neo a brother in the house. Neo said Prince didn’t give him the opportunity to apologise properly.

Prince said he didn’t think Neo’s apology was genuine because he felt he was just trying to be in his good books because of what he could get from him. He said he didn’t see Neo’s calls, adding that Neo should have texted him if he really wanted to reach him. He concluded by saying he and Neo are not friends and he couldn’t care less.

Vee, Wathoni & TBaj’s ‘bed’ misunderstanding

The bed issue between Wathoni, Vee and Tolanibaj also came up last night. Vee felt Wathoni thought she was taking sides with TBaj based on the “Prince situation.”

Wathoni felt she and TBaj were having issues because of Prince and that it may have been an underlying issue or part of the reasons the matter escalated. She added that she told Prince to apply pressure on TBaj and again, Prince said he couldn’t remember her saying that to him.

Although TBaj said it wasn’t about Prince, even Trikytee said the issue wasn’t about the bed. “I saw Prince in the mix.” In the end, they all agree it was a misunderstanding.

To wrap up the show, Lucy got a question from a fan who wanted to know if she felt out of place in the house. Lucy said she didn’t. She may have reacted to a lot of things or cried sometimes, but it didn’t come from feeling out of place.

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