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Love is the Sweetest! Take in Every Bit of The #APurposeBond Wedding



Every day, we’re reminded of how incomparable love is – it simply remains one of the most beautiful things in life. Today, that reminder is being served by the adorable Debbie and Mo as we revel in the beauty of their traditional and white wedding.

Debbie and Mo who met at a church conference have now taken their love to the next level. The couple got hitched in a vibrant and colourful traditional engagement ceremony and then sealed the deal at the altar with a beautiful white wedding ceremony. Knowing the Yorubas, you can already picture how the traditional engagement went! Fun, happiness and all-round cheer were the order of the day and this also was very much extended to the white wedding. With family, friends and well-wishers bearing testament to this beautiful love of theirs, Debbie and Mo have embarked on that forever journey and our excitement knows no bound.

The #APurposeBond wedding was all shades of beautiful. From Debbie’s exquisite and stylish outfits to Mo’s suave looks and all the thrill that went down, everything was simply a sweet reminder of the beauty of love.

Enjoy all the photos from their wedding below.


Now let’s enjoy all the photos from Debbie and Mo’s traditional engagement.

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Traditional Engagement

Bride: @debbieadeboyejo
Groom: @moballer_banks
Planner: @lh_events
Decor: @360eventee
Makeup: @oteniaramakeovers
Gele: @oni_gele
Asooke: @bimms24
Bride’s 2nd Dress: @idiolnupo
Groom’s 2nd Outfit: @tdacouture
Photography: @felixcrown | @weddingsbyfelixcrown
Videography: @thegalleryng

White Wedding

Planner: @lh_events
Decor: @balleventsconcepts
Makeup: @oteniaramakeovers
Hair: @tobbiestouch
Black tux: @maiatafo
Bride’s 2nd Dress: @idiolnupo
Photography: @felixcrown | @weddingsbyfelixcrown
Videography: @thegalleryng

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