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From the DM to #BaEday2021! Ella & Bambo’s Pre-wedding Shoot + Love Story

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If you didn’t get the memo, we’re here to tell you that social media and DMs are still very much in the business of doing love’s work, and guess what? It’s not backing down any time soon! Yet again, we’ve got another social media love story, and this time, it’s Ella and Bambo! ?

Ella received a DM from Bambo one fateful day about 7 years ago. Now, both parties were on two different continents at the time and so love didn’t seem feasible. But that’s exactly what love does – go against seeming barriers or limitations and bring pure joy! Through long-distance, and time, the love birds still came out strong! We know you want to know how it all went down. Ella shares the full scoop with us – keep scrolling to get it all. Now, we’re totally crushing on their pre-wedding shoot and loving all the feels and chemistry from this gorgeous melanated couple.


How We Met
By the bride-to-be, Ella

I remember the first time Adebambo sent me a DM. I never thought 7 years down the line we’d be walking down the aisle together. At the time, I was in school in Europe while he was in Nigeria and we ended up dating for several years whilst only seeing each other every summer. He moved to England for school and I tried so hard to visit him there but that never happened.


During the lockdown, he travelled down to my state and we decided to go on a picnic and spend some time together and he surprised me with a planned proposal that I never saw coming. (See me thinking I could always tell his next move). A day hasn’t gone by where we don’t speak with each other, even when we fight. (Times like this, we just call and listen to each other breathe. LOL). I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way.

Fast forward to today, we have seen each other grow, from both finishing several degrees, getting our first jobs, hitting milestones… Now, here we are, looking forward to spending forever together.

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Bride-to-be: @ella_vona
Groom-to-be: @debamb0
Planner: @elposh_events
Makeup: @eleezmakeuppro
Photography: @thesamuelabati
Hair: @missyshair_
Dress: @cose.r

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