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#DiscoverWithBN: Beyonce Ajomiwe Is Here to Stay



Beyonce Ajomiwe, the youngest contestant from “Nigerian Idol” season 6, understands she has huge shoes to fill with a name like hers, and she’s eager to leave her imprint on history. Despite it being her first time performing in front of a large audience, Beyonce’s iconic power was apparent from the opening auditions until the moment she exited the competition.

Today, over 35.4k followers keep tabs on her.

She has her sights set on a career in music and having a father who is a professional musician and producer helped her make her decision. Here, she talks about her experience throughout the show, the improvements and what’s next for her music-wise.

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How did you feel when you were evicted from Nigerian Idol Season 6?

It was quite the journey and I’m grateful for the support I’ve gotten. The first few minutes I cried my eyes out, it wasn’t a happy moment, but then I realized I had so much waiting for me outside the competition and I was so grateful to God and my fans for bringing me this far with all their love.

What differences have you seen in yourself (personally and musically) between when you entered the competition and now?

The difference I’ve seen in myself now is that I’m more confident in my ability, confident in my voice and the career path I chose. I’ve seen myself grow mentally and vocally because I was put in a not so comfortable spot and learned to adapt and found myself singing songs where the key was too high and also learned to adapt, all that really groomed me in a lot of ways and prepared me in its little ways for the industry I’m going into.

Can you give us a summary of your experience throughout the show?

My experience throughout the show was pretty productive, we practised every single day so there was really not much time for anything else. It was an experience that always gave me goosebumps, sitting there waiting for your names to be called. Overall I’d say it was a hardworking experience that I’m really grateful for.

What has the atmosphere and reception been like since you left the show?

Since I left the show it’s been nothing but love from all my fans, friends and family, some I’ve seen in person when I step out and it’s really the sweetest thing, they’re so kind and loving, I’m grateful for them.

What’s next for you, music-wise?

What’s next for me music-wise is coming soon so just anticipate.

Do you have any words for your fans?

For my fans, I just want to say I’m grateful for all the times you voted, sent me messages to support me, and all the big and little things you did. I’m going to keep working so soon enough you’ll see all of your support and love wasn’t in vain, I love you my fairies, see you soon.

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