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#DiscoverWithBN: Deloye ‘Dotun’ from “Nigerian Idol” Season 6 is Our Feature this Week!



#DiscoverWithBN will be highlighting the incredible talents from this year’s “Nigerian Idol” for the next few weeks. They wowed the judges during the auditions and were able to show the rest of the world what they’re capable of.

Let us reintroduce these amazing talents to you in a unique way.

This week’s feature is Deloye, better known as Dotun, one of the top 11 contestants from Nigerian Idol Season 6.

Deloye ‘Dotun’ is an actor and entrepreneur whose heart will always desire what it wants- music, just as he defined himself on the show.

His love of song has led him to perform at events, karaoke bars, recording studios, and churches. Deloye is the “coveted” black sheep of a big family. He says he entered Nigerian Idol in the hopes that the experience will catapult his music career and other entertainment endeavours to the next level.

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How did you feel when you were evicted from Nigerian Idol Season 6?

It was a mix of different feelings, bad at first, then full of gratitude, hopeful and then happy to have been privileged to be a part of such a beautiful platform.

What differences have you seen in yourself (personally and musically) between when you entered the competition and now?

I have thicker skin and then my work ethic has definitely spiralled and is way better.

Can you give us a summary of your experience throughout the show?

It was beautiful, stressful, eye-opening and draining. Great food, great production crew, great hospitality.

What has the atmosphere and reception been like since you left the show?

It’s been bittersweet. Sweet in the sense that nothing is the same anymore, some fame and also goodwill from strangers keep coming. Bitter in the sense that people think I used a bullion van to pack money away from Nigerian Idols. For most people, their belief is, once you’re in the public eyes, you definitely have billions in your account, so it’s been constant billing everywhere I go.

What’s next for you, music-wise?

I definitely have some projects coming, quite soon, singles and other beautiful world-class stuff and yes, I intend to keep singing and serving in the church as much as I can, no matter how huge or successful I become like a mainstream performer/brand.

Do you have any words for your fans?

I am nothing without God and y’all my beautiful “Deloyal Army”, keep loving and supporting and yes, keep doing great things in your own lives as well, because I love love to see you prosper too.

Listen to his tracks below:

Count Up


David Kenny feat. Deloye – Ready to Go

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