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Introducing Miele’s Members Club – A Premium Service for Loyal Customers



L-R 1. Olusegun Ogunderu 2. Ayanda Carter 3. Marilyn Milan 4. Samir Bader 5. Jacqueline Aki 6. Mustapha Olorunnimbe 7. Belinda Ngono 8. Hakeem Bakare 9. Banke Ajagunna 10. Deise Smith

Miele is a German manufacturer of high-end domestic appliances that are built and tested to last at least 20 years. Established in 1899- the company has been family-owned and run by the Miele and Zinkann families ever since. Its brand promise of “Immer Besser” (Forever Better) means striving for perfection in product design, employee relations, and client satisfaction

Miele consistently wins international awards in all these categories.

Akim Bolarinwa, Mustapha Olorunnimbe, Hakeem Bakare

Why the Members Club/ Reason for the Club

“Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends and family belong, and laughter never ends”. The invention of electronic domestic appliances revolutionized household and popular culture. Families could enjoy more quality time together and get more done in and outside the home. As a family company, “home” is at the center of what we do.

Whilst Miele appliances result in trustworthy, reliable, and quality households- the Miele Members Club goes a step further to ensure the use of those appliances creates lasting memories, good relationships, and good quality of life. To thrive in today’s demanding world, we need to invest in our greatest assets: our time and health. Miele Members Club has a unique approach to well-being: taking care of the smallest details means our clients have more time to enjoy both the little moments, as well as the big picture.

The mission is to make different aspects of client’s lives as enjoyable and seamless as possible- the same whether they are at home, in our clubhouse, or abroad.

Tongo, Onyanta Adaga

What is the Members Club?

The Club is firstly a lifestyle management club. An elite haven where members enjoy luxury concierge services that remove the everyday stressors of life. The devoted and specialist Miele team anticipates clients’ needs by “creating bespoke packages ranging from personalized entertainment schedules, home management support, nutritious meal prep and planning, garment care to even curating premium culinary holidays”.

Through personal attention, unforgettable experiences, unique access, and exclusive privileges- we bring joy and purpose to our members’ lives, giving them back the luxury of time and peace of mind.

Clients enjoy individually tailored experiences from secret supper clubs to interactive cooking, social events, gastronomic vacations, exclusive laundry service, bespoke nutritionist meal plans prepared by an in-house chef, domestic staff training, systems installations, repairs, and even organic produce shopping. All the above giving members back the luxury of time and peace of mind.

Mustapha Olorunnimbe

What Makes the Club Stand Out?

The Club is set apart from typical members clubs in that enjoying its benefits is not limited to just the clubhouse or space. Events range from being on-site at different Miele locations, in client’s homes, or on trips abroad. Additionally, there are four levels of membership which accordingly receive personal attention, unforgettable experiences, unique access, and exclusive privileges. Indeed, the concierge service is capped to a few members yearly in order to maintain the integrity of the service. Clients have assured a sanctuary from stress and unparalleled access to the very best of everything that Miele has to offer.

Mustapha Olorunnimbe is the Club’s founder and Managing Director of A Plus Appliances and the Miele brand regionally. Since Miele, West Africa’s inception 9 years ago, Olorunnimbe has even invested personally in sourcing and training specialized technical teams. “Being in the luxury industry is complex and requires the highest levels of rigor and professionalism at all times- the success of which is mainly employing the right staff and professional team. Therefore, working with in-house and partner practitioners is our top priority in this matter. It ensures that our support is real and genuine.

Since luxury is about offering the best in everything we do, with integrity and depth of knowledge. It means for example that our Chef not only creates delicious menus- but also sources the best quality products and prepares food in a way that unlocks its full nutritional potential. Every step with what we do is carefully considered- our success is found in every ingredient.” “During these challenging times, our role of supporting our clients is more important than ever -they need people they can rely on. We are not alienated to contingent matters that vary due to our environment and are confident we have the right solutions to support and fulfill our brand promise.” Any parting words you would want members to know? “Relax. We will take care of the rest”.

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