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Planning your event is now EASY with Send Invites Nigeria



Some of the most difficult parts of planning events include designing and giving out the invitations, tracking the RSVPs, managing your gift registry, etc. because usually, those things can be manual and time-consuming.

Send Invites Nigeria was created to be your online comprehensive solution for all your event planning needs. With Send Invites Nigeria you will be able to easily plan your wedding, baby shower, naming ceremony, graduation party, etc. right from your home with just a few simple clicks. We make gathering together face-to-face simple and even more memorable.

Who Uses Send Invites Nigeria?
If you are in Nigeria and you are an individual, organization, church, or company then this is the solution for you! Use Send Invites Nigeria’s service to successfully plan, coordinate, and manage any of your events online. Send Invites Nigeria’s customers use their system for graduation parties, engagement parties, bridal showers, wedding invitations, housewarmings, baby showers, baby naming ceremonies, birthday parties, company parties, anniversaries and so much more.

How does it work?

  • Users select their design online
  • The user then inserts their event details such as the event title, time, location and if they would like to receive gifts from guests
  • Names and email addresses or phone numbers can then be uploaded, custom delivery settings are chosen, and the event is sent out via email or text message.
  • Recipients will then receive the RSVP online or via text
  • Depending on which options you select, your guest will be able to buy items from your connected registry and/or send you monetary gifts on the Send Invites Nigeria platform
  • The host can choose to make changes to their event at any time, add or remove guests, add products to the event registry, and so much more.

Send Invites Nigeria is the top invitation and event planning platform that will help you to reduce stress, increase responses and attendance for your event, easily track your RSVPs, and have a real-time view of the items you received from your gift registry or monetarily all in one place.

Click here to plan your first event with Send Invites Nigeria!

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