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They Said I Couldn’t: Ukinebo Dare – MD of Edo State Skills Development Agency “refused to hide behind anyone’s shadow” | WATCH

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Episode 4 of ‘They Said I Couldn’t’ features the story of the bold development professional and Managing Director at Edo State Skills Development Agency (EdoJobs) – Ukinebo Dare.

‘They said I Couldn’t’ is a docu-series brought to you by Sunlight Nigeria in collaboration with Under 40 CEOs.

Ukinebo took a political appointment and before she could settle in her life was at stake and all her efforts on the line, however, she took the bull by the horn and thrived in an environment that came with so much risk.

Click the link below to watch this 7-minute episode.

Oftentimes, we’re inspired by the stories of successful women. But hardly do we know what goes on behind the scenes. Their struggles, the several times they’ve gotten NOs for answers.

Meet Ukinebo Dare
Meet Ukinebo Dare in this episode of ‘They Said I Couldn’t” as she takes us through her journey of seizing her spotlight and not quivering in the midst of raging opposition.

Ukinebo Dare is the Managing Director, Edo State Skills Development Agency (EdoJobs)

Uki graduated from the Benson Idahosa University with a Bachelors’s degree in Computer Science after which she attended the University of Bradford and bagged her Master’s degree in Management. She is also a certified Strategic and Conceptual Sales Executive from Miller Heiman Europe.

Uki is a trainer, writer, business strategist, brand manager, and business advisory expert whose passion in her words is to introduce people to the best version of themselves even as she strives to continually improve herself. Having worked in the private sector, civil society, and government, she has implemented programs that have impacted over 179,000 executives, entrepreneurs, and job seekers across multiple disciplines, industries, and countries as CEO of Poise Graduate Finishing Academy.
She is passionate about youth engagement and employment, job creation and finding practical solutions to previously unsolvable problems through collaboration, problem-solving and creative thinking.

Experienced in independently managing large skills development and job creation projects simultaneously across Africa. Usually with full responsibility and oversight for the design, planning, scope, budgets, schedule, sustainability, risks, resource management, communication, stakeholder engagement, sponsorship.

Uki’s current projects include EdoJobs, EdoInnovates, Edo Food and Agri Cluster and Edo Production Centre.
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