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A Deep Conversation on Marriage & Spirituality on “Toke Moments” with Pastor Kingsley



A new episode of “Toke Moments” with your regular host, Toke Makinwa has premiered.

In this episode, Toke Makinwa sits with Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo of David’s Christian Centre, as they chat about relationships, marriage and spirituality.

Toke says;

I am confused about so many things and today I have Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo of David Christian Centre (DCC) as my guest on the show. This is not a religious episode, no matter the religion you practice you can join in the conversation. There is a lot of myths, beliefs, sayings, doctrines that I find kind of archaic, I find that religion can sometimes influence rational thinking and I decided to explore those areas.

Watch the vlog below:

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