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Azeez’s scheme backfires on him in this episode of “My Name is A-Zed” Season 2

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In this episode of “My Name is A-Zed“, Azeez finds a way on how to pay back the 10 Million Naira he borrowed for Bilikis’ bail but concludes on a very drastic plan which ends up backfiring on his face.

The series is brought to you by “The Naked Convos“, the brilliant minds behind the critically acclaimed series, “Our Best Friend’s Wedding” and “Little Black Book“.

It follows the story of Azeez, a university student who moonlights as a cab driver, finds himself in the dangerous world of Lagos nightlife, prostitution and politics.

“My Name is A-Zed” stars Bryan Okoye, Nene Nwanyo, Toyin Oshinaike, Gbugbemi Ejeye, Baaj Adebule, Martha Ehinome Orhiere, Goodness Emmanuel, Degri Emmanuel and others.

Watch episode 7 below:

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