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7 Things We Learned From Zubby Michael’s Interview with Broadway TV

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Nollywood star, Zubby Michael recently spoke with Broadway TV about his relationship status, his interest in politics, and which actor he believes is bigger than him.

Here are five takeaways from his interview.

On his relationship status

I’m scared of women, I’ve been working since but now I want to give it a chance… As a young man, it’s not that women are bad, they are beautiful but there is time for everything. Conquer the first stage of your life.

An actor he thinks is bigger than him

No cap, I’m the biggest actor in Africa for now, to God be the glory. No pride, no cap, Zubby is the biggest actor in Africa.

What he has to say about money laundering rumours

This is funny… People forget to themselves the truth because online it’s not real. It’s like a market square… I don’t launder money, my only source of income is acting and producing. Minus acting and movie business, I’m the CEO of A1 movies, don’t forget I’m a businessman and my hotel is on the line, my products will soon come out, A1 biscuit, A1 tissue and I will have products in the country. I’m not desperate for money, yes I love money, but I don’t worship money.

His interest in politics 

I never believed I would become an SA to my state governor. It happened like a miracle. I have love for people, I want to see people succeed that’s why without a political post I’ve been doing things that someone with a political post should be doing. No be say I get money pass, but I want to see people succeed. If along the line God gives a political position to make people happy, I would be grateful because people need to enjoy and not suffer.

His relationship with Davido

I love OBO. I’m a fan. Trust me he is a great guy, I love people not by what they present physically but by who you are spiritually. OBO has a good heart. He wants people around him to succeed and that’s golden.

His forthcoming project “Rising-City of Dreams” the movie

This project is dear to me. I can’t wait to jump on it, because it’s my first lead role in the cinema world, and it’s a street film. It’s been produced by All Media Studios, Big Sam will be directing, and the producer is Wale Muraina.

His response to people who feel he is arrogant and proud

You are free to think whatever, when you come close you will know that the young man is simple but I don’t take nonsense. It’s not pride. People misinterpret self-awareness for pride. I don’t like drama… less friends, less drama.

Watch the interview below:

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